Belington Council fills vacant seat

BELINGTON – Belington City Council voted Thursday to fill the empty position left by former Ward IV Council member Suzanne Skidmore’s moving to another ward.

Maureen Lasky-Setchell was appointed to fill the vacancy Thursday after expressing her interest in the position.

“I’m here to offer my services to the Council for the open seat that is available that Suzanne Skidmore held,” Lasky-Setchell said. “I am willing to be of service to this community. I own several pieces of property here. I’m well invested in the town of Belington. I plan on raising my children, my grandchildren, here. I care about this town.

“I don’t have any other ties or ulterior motive or any agenda, I just truly love this town. I want to make a difference, and I want to participate in the direction this town goes in. So, I’m offering my time and my efforts to move us forward and I hope that you’ll consider me for the position.”

In a 5-1 vote, Lasky-Setchell was appointed and then sworn in by City Clerk Susan Bradley. Only Councilman Richard Cox opposed the motion, but he did not cite his reason for doing so.

Five different Belington residents expressed interest in the position. Mayor Bobby King said Douglas Bradley, Douglas Cutlip, Joey Bolyard, Stephen Rautner and Allen Coberly all sought the vacant Ward IV seat. Aside from Lasky-Setchell, only Coberly also attended the meeting.

“I’d just like to say that I’m also interested in the position to move Belington forward,” Coberly said. “We have a lot of potential here, especially in the future with the Corridor H and a lot of things, and now is the time to make this town shine.

“It’s just a wonderful time to be in this city and we need to continue to work and strive,” Coberly said. “I’m willing to dedicate that time… I’m willing to give every minute I have to try to make the city better.”

Skidmore, who did not attend Thursday’s meeting, said she was told by Belington City Hall she would have to leave her seat on Council after she moved to her new home.

“I moved into a different ward and I had to vacate my seat immediately,” Skidmore said during a telephone interview with The Inter-Mountain Thursday. “We purchased a home and it’s in Ward III instead of IV. So I had to vacate the day that I moved into my new home.”

Councilman Max Grove said it is required by law that once a person moves out of their ward, they must vacate their seat on Council “immediately.” He said no official resignation is necessary because of the term “immediate.”

Although Skidmore is unable to serve on Council at this time, she said Belington City Council hasn’t seen the last of her.

“I’ll be back,” Skidmore said. “I’ll run the next election in that ward.”