Bond modified in knife incident case

ELKINS – Bond was modified Thursday for an Elkins woman accused of attacking her boyfriend with a knife.

Molly Ryan Slauer, 18, was arrested on June 11 and charged with one felony count of malicious wounding. Her boyfriend, Christopher Lyle Turner, 27, also was arrested and charged with one misdemeanor count of domestic battery and one misdemeanor count of domestic battery.

In Randolph County Magistrate Court Thursday, Slauer’s attorney, Steve Nanners, made a motion to have the terms of her bond modified from $50,000 cash only to $50,000 personal recognizance.

Magistrate Mike Riggleman granted the motion but added a list of terms to Slauer’s bond, including reporting to North Central Community Corrections for evaluation and treatment, submitting to random drug testing, having no direct or indirect contact with the alleged victim, and attending Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, individual counseling and being evaluated for in patient rehabilitation.

Riggleman said adding these terms to Slauer’s bond did not mean she was guilty, but he felt the terms were necessary.

“Ms. Slauer, I need you to understand something. By me recommending and saying that you have to report to Community Corrections is in no way saying that you are guilty of anything, but from the complaint that I have read and from talking to family members I believe it is something that we must do,” Riggleman said.

According to the criminal complaint, Slauer and Turner were engaged in a struggle involving a knife at Slauer’s apartment on June 11 which continued into the street. Both were injured in the altercation, police said.

After police gathered information, Slauer allegedly became violent outside Davis Medical Center. An Elkins Police officer tried to buckle Slauer’s seat belt in his patrol vehicle when she “began kicking (him) several times in the chest with her feet,” then “slipped both hands from her handcuffs and threw the handcuffs, striking (the officer’s) chin, and sending (the) handcuffs across the apron of the hospital,” according to the complaint.

Slauer allegedly attempted to flee but was quickly grabbed and taken to the ground where she couldn’t resist. The officer then “applied a one second burst of Cap Stun (pepper spray) to the facial area of Slauer and was able to restrain her once again and place her back into the patrol vehicle,” the complaint states.

Several witnesses were outside the hospital when the incident took place and have supplied written statements describing the incident, police said.

Also in Randolph County Magistrate Court Thursday:

– Kyle Brent Hoyman, 23, of Belington, waived his preliminary hearing in exchange for early discovery. Hoyman is charged with one felony count of third offense shoplifting.

– Andrew Coleman Storey, 24, of Elkins, waived his preliminary hearing in exchange for a bond modification. The terms of his bond were changed from $15,000 cash only to $15,000 personal recognizance. Storey is charged with one felony count of grand larceny.