Class of 2014

PHILIPPI – Graduation caps flew into the air Saturday as 161 Philip Barbour High School seniors officially became alumni.

Philip Barbour High School Class President Celeste Kelly led the PBHS class of 2014 in the turning of their tassels and rings, signifying their graduation accomplishment. She also thanked all those who have helped with the graduation events and in making the graduates’ years at PBHS possible.

“Besides the people who have made all of this worthwhile, we can’t forget the moments that, in the end, matter the most,” Kelly said, also asking the graduates to remember their childhood dreams of wanting to be crocodile hunters, firefighters, doctors, princesses or whatever else they could imagine.

“A few of these might be a little far-fetched, however, these dreams are what kept us chasing after something throughout our lives and will continue to do so,” Kelly added. “Today, our dream of graduating has finally come true, and our lives are all going to change. Whatever your dream is right now, if you don’t achieve it, you haven’t failed and you’re not a loser, but just as importantly – if you do get your dream – you’re not a winner.

“So, class of 2014, remember that it’s okay to dream, even if they change the next day or if you fail to ever achieve it, because I promise you that life will be full of ups and downs, but in the end, it will be completely worth it.”

The student guest speaker for the 2014 class, Kaitlin Dickenson, also addressed her fellow graduates.

“I may not know what your dreams are, but I do know that the greatest of your aspirations are not a secret between you and God,” Dickenson said. “Becoming whatever you want, good or bad, is really up to you. Those days to decide how the rest of your life will pan out don’t come often, and today is one of them.

“I hope we will all be successful at our own dreams, wishes and wants. … There is nothing wrong with reaching the end of your willpower and knowing there is nothing more you can do. However, there is something wrong with letting that realization bother you, and we’re all going to fall short sometime.

Student Council President Morgan Stemler also spoke to her fellow graduates.

“High school will mold you into the person you were born to be, whether you like it or not,” Stemler said. “Whether high school has been good or bad for you, it has still helped you realize who you are, and I know we will never forget this place. We are entering a world we have never experienced before. We won’t always have our parents constantly watching over us or our friends sitting by our side. We are entering the real world.”

PBHS Principal Mark Lamb told the graduates that no one knows what life is going to bring, and advised them to always be aware that their actions and behaviors exhibited in situations, may have implications on them in the future.

“You never know what life is going to throw at you,” Lamb said. “You live day by day and you make choices. Some choices are good and some choices are not so good. The true character of you is how you deal with those situations.”