Couple facing charges after knife incident

ELKINS – An Elkins woman was arrested Wednesday after allegedly cutting her boyfriend with a knife.

Molly Ryan Slauer, 18, of Elkins, was charged with one felony count of malicious wounding and is being held at Tygart Valley Regional Jail on a $50,000 cash only bond.

Her boyfriend, Christopher Lyle Turner, 27, of Elkins, was also arrested after the incident and charged with one misdemeanor count of domestic assault and one misdemeanor count of domestic battery. He is being held at Tygart Valley Regional Jail on a $5,000 cash only bond.

According to the criminal complaint, Cpl B.D. Tice of the Elkins Police Department responded to Davis Medical Center Wednesday night after a report of a patient who was being treated for “stab wounds he received from his girlfriend who was not at the hospital.”

Upon arrival at DMC, Tice spoke with Turner and noticed several stab wounds that appeared to be defensive wounds, according to the complaint.

Turner identified the female as Slauer and said she had “thrown the knife down at the corner of Glendale Avenue and Main Street.” Tice responded to the location described and located a black-handled kitchen knife lying on the sidewalk at the corner of the two streets, the complaint states.

After collecting the evidence, Tice observed Slauer walking in his direction with a purple LED flashlight, apparently looking for something in the grass between the sidewalk and the pavement on Glendale Avenue, according to the complaint.

Tice wrote that he asked Slauer to identify herself and she asked, “Are you taking me to jail?”

While on the corner of Glendale Avenue and Main Street, a female came up to Tice and said she witnessed Turner “throw Slauer to the ground and hit her head off the pavement,” as well as witnessing a broken mirror in the apartment bathroom. The witness said Slauer told her “Turner beat her head into the mirror,” the complaint stated.

Tice asked Slauer if she was under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, and she said she’d “only took (sic) two 25 mg each, Tramadol,” and that she “had a Bud Light Platinum earlier.” Tice administered a preliminary breath test, showing Slauer’s blood alcohol content was 0.127 percent, according to the complaint.

Tice transported Slauer to her apartment on Central Street in Elkins, where the incident had allegedly occurred. Slauer stated that Turner arrived home from work at 8 p.m. and “came inside and immediately began complaining that dinner wasn’t made.” She said the two exchanged words before Turner went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and threatened to stab her in the stomach while telling her that “he didn’t want a kid.” Slauer also stated that Turner either “smokes meth or shoots up meth after work and before arriving home from work,” the complaint states.

Slauer told Tice she then “grabbed the knife from Turner by grabbing the blade of the knife and pulling it out of his hand.” Tice noted in the complaint that Slauer did not have any knife wounds.

Slauer said she told Turner “she didn’t want to cut him and then admitted to cutting him on the arm which was consistent with one of the wounds Turner received,” according to the complaint.

While investigating the apartment, Tice observed the bathroom mirror was “all busted and broken to pieces,” and saw “several yellow pills in plastic lying next to a snort straw and a small plate on the floor in the bedroom of the apartment.” Tice also located a black and silver handgun in the dresser of the bedroom, which was collected as evidence, the complaint states.

It was also noted in the complaint that Slauer had an injury to her forehead that was consistent with the statement from the witness of Turner allegedly hitting her head off the pavement. Slauer was transported by Tice to DMC for her injuries, where she refused treatment, according to the complaint.

In a statement to police, Turner said he arrived home from work and found a note on the door of the apartment saying Slauer was sleeping and asking him to ring the doorbell. Turner said he rang and once inside “Slauer started nagging him about not contacting her, letting her know he was walking home from work.” The two continued arguing and Slauer “knocked down the towel rack in the bathroom.” according to the complaint.

Turner said while he was changing clothes, “Slauer went into the kitchen, retrieved a knife and began stabbing the walls and stating, ‘Oh yea, (sic) that’s right, your name is on the lease, not mine.'”

Turner said once he finished getting dressed, Slauer came into the bedroom and tried to take his cell phone from his pocket, and he twisted his body to get away from her. Turner said Slauer then started to cut up his clothes that were in the closet, the complaint states.

Turner added he noticed Slauer was off balance so he “grabbed her, pulled her down, tried to take the knife from her and that is when she cut him between his thumb and index finger,” which is consistent with a wound Turner received, according to the complaint.

Turner told police he then grabbed her hand wielding the knife, and she bit him on the right leg. He said he then attempted to leave the apartment and “Slauer ran in front of him, blocking the door and demanded him to give her his cell phone.” While struggling over the cellphone, Slauer “bit him on the right palm and got the phone back from him,” the complaint states.

Leaving the apartment, Turner started walking toward the hospital and Slauer followed him, asking him whose house he was going to, he told police. The two continued to argue and Slauer “threw the knife down at the corner of Glendale Avenue and Main Street and continued to follow him and argue with him down around the corner of the church around Worth Avenue,” the complaint states.

Turner said Slauer grabbed him and started “scratching his neck.” He then “knocked her arms away from himself and she lost her balance and hit her forehead on the sidewalk,” Turner told police.

After police gathered this information, Slauer – who the state Regional Jail Authority website lists as being 4 feet 8 inches tall and weighing 85 pounds – became violent, Tice wrote.

At DMC, Tice escorted Slauer to his patrol vehicle and placed her inside while an EPD patrolman escorted Turner to his vehicle. Tice wrote that Slauer “became loud and disruptive in the patrol vehicle, screaming profanities and thrashing around.”

Tice wrote that he opened the car door to tell Slauer to calm down but she allegedly resisted and wouldn’t sit back to be buckled in. After he buckled the seat belt, Slauer “turned to lie down and began kicking (Tice) several times in the chest with her feet,” then “slipped both hands from her handcuffs and threw the handcuffs, striking (Tice’s) chin, and sending (the) handcuffs across the apron of the hospital,” according to the complaint.

Slauer allegedly attempted to flee but was quickly grabbed and taken to the ground where she couldn’t resist. Tice then “applied a one second burst of Cap Stun (pepper spray) to the facial area of Slauer and was able to restrain her once again and place her back into the patrol vehicle,” the complaint states.

Several witnesses were outside the hospital when the incident took place and have supplied written statements describing the incident, police said.