One hurt in alleged hammer attack

ELKINS – An Elkins man is being held in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail on a $25,000 cash only bond after allegedly attacking a woman with a hammer.

Larry Kent Arbogast, 38, of Elkins, was arrested Wednesday night on one felony count of malicious wounding.

According to the criminal complaint, Patrolman M.J. Sigley of the Elkins Police Department was dispatched in reference to an alleged physical altercation.

Sigley was advised by E911 the female subject was at the Speedway gas station. Upon arrival, Sigley “noticed what appeared to be blood coming from the right side of the female subject’s head area,” the complaint states.

Randolph County EMS personnel responded to the scene to tend to the female subject. The woman told Sigley that “Larry struck her with a hammer,” and that the “incident occurred on Lincoln Avenue.” EMS workers took the female to Davis Medical Center where she was treated for her injuries, according to the complaint.

While in route to Lincoln Ave. Sigley was advised by E911 that Arbogast was last seen “wearing a white in color shirt with blood stains, black in color shorts,” and that the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office had located Arbogast walking on West Main Street, according to the complaint.

Sigley then went to the Lincoln street residence, where he spoke with two male witnesses. The first said the incident occurred at his residence and “the hammer was still inside,” and that “the hammer was moved from where it was laying and that he witnessed what had occurred,” the complaint stated.

Sigley then reported to West Main Street, where Arbogast was detained, and noticed “a white in color shirt was lying on the ground beside Arbogast.” Sigley also wrote that Arbogast had “what appeared to be blood on him from what appeared to be lacerations.”

Sigley collected the shirt and transported Arbogast to DMC to be treated for his injuries. After his release from DMC Arbogast was taken to Tygart Valley Regional Jail. Sigley was later advised by E911 the female was being transported to Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown.

Other arrests recorded at Randolph County Magistrate Court include:

  • Jason Samuel Chewning, 26, of Beverly, was arraigned on two felony counts of burglary and is being held in Tygart Valley Regional Jail on a $50,000 cash or surety bond.

According to the criminal complaint, Patrolman T.H. Foster responded to a call of an alleged burglary at Central Street in Elkins on May 24.

Upon arrival Foster was met by the alleged victim, who led him through the residence and showed him where she noticed things had been stolen, according to the criminal complaint.

The alleged victim told Foster that “several of her rings and other jewelry had been stolen from her apartment.” Foster then spoke with a neighbor in the building who said a male had “come to his door and knocked and asked for the code to get into the upstairs of the building so he could get into the alleged victim’s residence,” the complaint states.

When the neighbor told him that he would not give him the code, the male allegedly stated that he would just go around back. The neighbor described the male as “wearing a gray shirt, blue jeans and carrying a black duffel bag.” He also said the male “had red hair and red facial hair.”

While police were speaking with the alleged victim, she received a phone call from another neighbor who also stated she had seen the “same subject described outside of her apartment earlier in the evening and that she knew him by his last name of Chewning,” according to the complaint.

The neighbor told police Chewning showed up to her apartment and asked to speak with her son, who was no longer living at the residence. Chewning then asked to speak with her husband. The neighbor “let Chewning into the apartment and Chewning spoke to her husband for a brief period and then left her residence to go play bingo later in the evening,” the complaint states.

The neighbor said as she left her apartment she noticed Chewning standing in the foyer of the building in the same clothes as previously described but also “having a black duffel bag with a white shoulder pad.” She said when she returned later in the evening she noticed scrape marks on her door and when she went into the apartment she “noticed that her jewelry box had been gone through and that an iPad had been stolen.”

– Dorothy Ellen Metz, 61, of Athens, Ga., was arrested Wednesday on one felony count of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance.

Metz traveled from Georgia into Randolph County and met with an undercover officer on the Gardener Road, according to the criminal complaint.

Metz “possessed suspected Oxycodone 30 mg. Pills and attempted to sell approximately 90 Oxycodone for approximately $35 a pill,” the complaint states.

Metz signed a waiver of rights form and provided a signed affidavit advising that she came to the area to “get rid of some of her pills,” according to the criminal complaint.

Metz is currently being held in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail on a $50,000 cash only bond.