Shopping spree raises Relay awareness

ELKINS – Shirley Kirkpatrick took home more than $300 in food from Shop n Save in Elkins Tuesday morning – and paid absolutely nothing.

Kirkpatrick, who scampered from aisle to aisle, grabbing as much food as she could in three minutes, netted $337.72 in free merchandise during her mad dash.

The shopping spree was offered as a grand prize during a game show at this year’s Randolph County Relay for Life.

“Shop n Save has a Relay for Life team in Barbour County,” Cheri Sturm, public relations manager for Shop n Save, said Tuesday. “Donating this shopping spree in Randolph County is a way for us to be involved in a great cause and help the community.”

On Kirkpatrick’s jaunt through the supermarket, she was able to choose one each of the different meats available, and one each of multiple items, such as one cube of a Coca Cola or Pepsi product

“I won the shopping spree during the Randolph County Relay for Life,” Kirkpatrick said. “They had three selections – one was a bag of nuts – but I got lucky. I selected the middle door and the prize was the three-minute shopping spree at Elkins Shop n Save.”

Kirkpatrick said her family has a Relay for Life team called the “Fighting Ks.”

“My husband passed from lung cancer,” Kirkpatrick said. “My daughter-in-law, Kristy Kirkpatrick, has survived cancer, as well as my brother and his girlfriend. We are all team members, and this year, we were joined by someone new that is battling breast cancer. We are a small team and cancer has touched all of our lives.”

Kirkpatrick said she shops at Shop n Save regularly, but did not have a specific strategy to use for the spree.

“I thought about coming down on Monday night and planning, but (decided) the good Lord will work it out,” Kirkpatrick said. After her dash through the aisles, Kirkpatrick said the event “has been a thrill,” adding it was harder than it looked.

Randolph County Relay for Life Organizer Judy Ritchie said this is the second year Elkins Shop n Save has donated the shopping spree grand prize.

“Those Relay for Life team members who registered by April 15 were eligible for a chance at the grand prize,” Ritchie said. “The winner has a one-in-three chance of winning. The game is a combination of ‘The Price Is Right’ and ‘Let’s Make A Deal.'”

Ritchie said the shopping spree is a great way to top off the excitement of the Randolph County Relay for Life, which has raised approximately $53,000 to date. She said donations are still coming in, and the goal is to reach $55,000 by Aug. 31.

“We really appreciate that Elkins Shop n Save sponsors the game show offering the chance of winning a shopping spree,” Ritchie said. “It is such a nice prize for our relay team members.”