Summer break begins for students

ELKINS – Friday was an exciting landmark for Randolph County School students – the last day of classes for the 2013-2014 school year.

Superintendent of Schools Terry George said the Randolph County school system took a hit during the winter, losing 19 instructional days and five delayed days to wintry weather by the end of March. George said the winter was exceptionally harsh, but the schools were able to recover 11 of those instructional days.

Elkins High School Principal David Fincham said the weather didn’t dampen students’ enthusiasm.

“While the weather was an interruption, I have to say that the students really stayed up,” Fincham said. “The year finished well and we had a wonderful graduation. We are hoping for better weather during the next school year.

“Staff will be here on Monday, and will have staff development on Tuesday,” Fincham said. “On Wednesday, we will sponsor our academy where the staff will receive training to be ready for next year.”

Fincham said report cards will be mailed out and parents should receive them by next Friday at the latest.

Steve Wamsley, principal of Tygarts Valley High School, said his school had a great year.

“In the early part of the year, we learned that Tygarts Valley High School was a transition school,” Wamsley said. “This is the second highest designation from the state, and we were very happy with this accomplishment.”

Wamsley said this year, the school had its highest-ever number of students taking advanced placement and dual credit classes. He said the school’s athletic teams were very successful and the year saw a very low percentage of discipline problems.

“Tygarts Valley High School has a fantastic staff,” Wamsley said. “We were fortunate to have our business teacher, Diane White, selected as the Randolph County Teacher of the Year.”

Wamsley said the school used levy funds as well as a donation from Don Judy, an alumni from the class of 1961, to redo the gymnasium floor and replace shrubs from the front of the school building.

“This was a great help for our school,” Wamsley said. “The removal and replacement of the shrubs not only made the front of the building more attractive, but safer. Mrs. Cece Wallace’s donation of land added room to our athletic complex.”

Wamsley said there are many people to thank for their help throughout the year, including the parents, supporters, donors, teachers, service personnel and others.

“We are thrilled to see our seniors move on to the next page of their lives,” Wamsley said. “We are also excited to see a new crop of sixth-graders enter our school.”

Wamsley said report cards from Tygarts Valley High School will be printed out and mailed on Monday.

Harman School Principal Tammie Daniels praised the students and staff at her school.

“We had a good group of students this year,” Daniels said. “We were very pleased to have our agriculture program in place and our ball team was very successful.”

Daniels said the weather created an interruption.

“But with our good staff and good students, we worked around it,” Daniels said. “The students and staff came back from the interruptions and got right back into the routine. When staff knew of impending bad weather, they assigned extra work.”

Daniels said report cards will be completed and mailed out to parents on Monday.

Randolph County schools will be back in session in August. Teachers will report back to work Aug. 12, and students will follow beginning Aug. 14.