Campbell makes time for reading

Editor’s note: This is the second in a series of articles asking people in the community “What are you reading?” The series is meant to encourage a love of reading by people of all ages.

ELKINS – The weather is warmer, the days are longer and most folks are heading to the beach or other locations to take some time to rest and relax. While packing for their hiatus, many people leave room in their luggage for at least one book.

Delegate Denise Campbell, D-Randolph, who is the administrator of Elkins Rehabilitation & Care Center, said she is taking advantage of the summer by slipping in additional time to read and reread some of her favorite books.

Campbell said she not only enjoys reading books, but reads many magazines each month. Currently, she is rereading the book “Enjoy the Ride,” by Steve Gilliland.

“About 10 years ago, I was reading mysteries and Danielle Steel novels,” Campbell said. “It was nothing for me to stay up until 1 or 2 a.m. because I was reading a book and could not put it down, but today, life is busy and I cannot do that any longer. Now what I read are books like ‘Enjoy the Ride,’ because I need to be reminded of what this book is trying to tell me.”

Campbell said she met Gilliland at a conference she attended.

“The book includes things that make you laugh and he tells stories,” she said. “But when you really think about it, some of the things he talks about show we are always in a hurry to get from point A to point B, (and) we never enjoy what happens in between.”

Campbell said when her family would travel to the beach, she would tell them they were going to leave at this time and arrive at that time.

“When we were in the car, there were very few stops and he really relates lots of these things in the book,” she said.

Campbell said Gilliland talks about living life at too fast a pace, and his book gives readers those “a-ha moments.”

“It makes me look at events that took five years to achieve and makes me question if I enjoyed the process that was going on there,” Campbell said. “It makes you get back into perspective. Don’t get so wrapped up in getting somewhere that you don’t enjoy everything in between.

“You can associate this with your career, your family. Sometimes we just rush through life and we need to make sure we enjoy getting to those milestones. It teaches that the true joy in life is the trip – not just getting to the destination.”

Campbell said her grandmother inspired her love of reading.

“When we would go to stay with her during vacation, she would take us to the library and we would check out a book so that we would be reading a book while we were on vacation,” Campbell said. “She always went to her local library and checked out books to read, like biographies. There were always books in my grandparent’s home. They loved to read.”

Campbell said reading is one of the best things folks can do to keep their brains active and alert.

“When people work, they are constantly reading and thinking and processing,” Campbell said. “When folks retire, that process comes to a halt. Reading gives you so many different experiences.”

Campbell said this summer she hopes folks have more free time to get away and take some time to read.

“But if you cannot get away, reading allows you to get away,” Campbell. “Reading can take you many different places without even leaving your home. I hope you take the time to read.”