Commission OKs website

BUCKHANNON – Residents and visitors will soon be able to log onto a new website to gather information about Upshur County.

The Upshur County Commission passed a measure Thursday that will make the county website more functional for residents and provide better information.

“We will completely redesign the website,” Upshur County Assistant Administrator Carrie Wallace said. “This is very much needed.”

Wallace explained the current website is not user-friendly and is in need of updates. She said the county has had issues with the current website provider with getting updates posted to the site in a timely manner.

“We’d like to have an attractive website to help attract tourists,” Wallace said. “This is a very big project for our office. This would also help save on postage. We would no longer have to mail out forms because they would be downloadable from the site.”

Wallace provided the Commission with a web service sales agreement from Revize Software Systems. The new site will cost the county $9,300.

Commission President JC Rafferty asked if there were any other government organizations that use Revize for web services. Wallace said several municipalities in the state and three counties utilize the company’s services.

“The most importation thing this has to offer is that this gives our people the ability to update our website,” Commissioner Donnie Tenney said. “There is only one thing worse than not having a website, that is having a bad one.”

Commissioners also said the county will be able to utilize the site to provide information in emergency situations.

The Commission approved the measure unanimously, after the motion was made by Commissioner Troy Brady and seconded by Tenney.

Wallace said work on the site will begin soon and could go live online within the next three to four months.

The Commission also heard an informational presentation from Wayne Harman, with the West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services. Harman told commissioners his organization helps those with disabilities find employment. He said his office is based out of Weston, but has a heavy case load in Upshur County.

“What we do is very broad and we wanted to let you know the services that are available,” he said. “We have an on-the-job training program.”

Participants in the program are placed with a potential employer to work for 60 days. The salary and benefits for the position are covered by Rehabilitation Services.

“We do a really good job of screening people,” he said. “We will not place a person somewhere that doesn’t fit.”

Harman said there are approximately 14,000 people in the Mountain State that make use of the program, and noted it places around $30 million back into the economy.

“Putting people to work is a good thing,” he said. “It gets the individual to come and train and during that 60 days we reimburse their salary. We can also pay for any additional training.”

Harman said the Division of Rehabilitation Services currently makes use of space in the Upshur County DHHR for meetings with Upshur clients.

“We would love to have another space to meet with individuals one day a week,” Harman told the Commission. “We have a large case load in Upshur County.”

Rafferty said the Commission will take a look at the office space they have and see if any is available for use by the organization.