Elkins shooting incident leads to man’s arrest

ELKINS – An Elkins man was arrested Friday night after allegedly shooting at another man and carrying a firearm as a convicted felon.

Johnny Lee Green, Jr., 55, was charged with one felony count of wanton endangerment with a firearm and one felony count of possession of a firearm by a felon. He is being held at Tygart Valley Regional Jail on a $100,000 cash only bond.

According to the criminal complaint, Patrolman K.A. Shiflett and Corporal B.D. Tice, both of the Elkins Police Department, were dispatched to a residence on South Henry Avenue Friday on reports of shots being fired inside a residence.

Upon arrival the officers were met by the alleged victim, who lives at the residence. The man stated his mother’s boyfriend, Green, “showed up to the residence, to which he resides also, to retrieve a table that supposedly belonged to Green’s mother,” and that he and Green got into an argument. The man told police “Green flipped the table and then pulled a 9mm hand gun from his right side waist band, fired one shot at the alleged victim and then asked the alleged victim if he wanted another one,” according to the complaint.

The alleged victim said Green then “got into a black and gray Mercury Cougar and left, taking the firearm with him,” the complaint states.

Shiflett and Tice went into the residence and “located a shell casing just inside the alleged victim’s bedroom, in front of a dresser, and located a hole in the west wall of the alleged victim’s bedroom, above his bed and reportedly to the left side of where the alleged victim was standing when the shot was fired,” according to the complaint.

Corporal B.A. Talkington, of the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office, located the Mercury Cougar at the Glenmore Loop Apartments and, soon after, located Green.

Green gave Talkington consent to search his vehicle, where “the reported 9mm hand gun was found with a serial number that was dismembered and unreadable.” The gun found “was a High Point 9mm,” according to the complaint.

Green supplied police with a voluntary statement, saying he went to the residence to “talk to the alleged victim about an issue he was causing in the household and that the alleged victim got (angry), came at Green and the two tussled,” and the “alleged victim was reaching for something that he later stated was a pistol and that he took it away from him.”

Green was asked by Shiflett if the gun had discharged and which direction the pistol was pointing when it was discharged. Green allegedly replied that the gun did fire and that it was pointing toward the ground because he was holding the alleged victim’s hand down.

Green was asked by the officer where the alleged victim obtained the gun, to which he replied, “From under his bed, I guess. I didn’t have it,” the complaint states.

Officers spoke to Green’s girlfriend, the mother of the alleged victim, who stated that Green “flagged her down at Wal-Mart after the shooting and told her that he and the alleged victim got into it and that he shot at the alleged victim,” according to the complaint.

Police also spoke with a witness who resides in an apartment within the same building on South Henry Avenue. She told police “she was upstairs of her apartment and heard a bunch of noise on the first floor and she then heard a bang” that she described as a shot from a gun, according to the complaint.

She added she “heard the alleged victim screaming up the steps to her to call 911, that he was shot at,” and that “she was looking out the window and seen (sic) Green speed off in a Cougar that was gray in color with a black bumper.”

Green is a convicted felon, having been convicted of murder in Norfolk, Va., in 1977, police said.