Events raise $12,000

ELKINS – The Elkins Randolph County YMCA had a successful weekend of fundraising, banking more than $12,000 from two separate events – a portion of which will go toward renovations to the facility’s pool.

YMCA Executive Director Sid Gillispie said more than $10,000 was raised at the 12th annual Drive for Fitness elimination dinner Saturday at the Elks Country Club.

Winners at this year’s event are Gerry Roberts, Larry Gross, Cliff Marstiller, John Henning and Pat Schoonover. The five winners split $5,000.

At the El Gran Festival, the YMCA took in another $2,000.

“Turnout was good, maybe up a little from last year,” Gillispie said. “I talked to people at both events, and they really had a good time. The (elimination) dinner was really nice and El Gran had a full crowd.”

“We have had great support from the community for the Drive for Fitness,” Gillispie noted. “Elkins Fordland and Elkins Auto provided us with four different vehicles. They have been big supporters for us for a long time. Jim (Jackson) is a former president of the YMCA board and has been very actively involved to raise funds for the YMCA.”

The funds raised at El Gran will go directly toward the pool renovation project, while the monies raised at the elimination dinner will go to support general operations.

Gillispie said the pool work is moving swiftly, with the old steel roof structure already removed.

“Things are moving really, really fast at the pool,” Gillispie said. “We are looking at Sept. 8 to get the building in place. We are going to have new steel beams, a new metal roof and we’re hoping to have eight skylights.”

“We are probably looking at September, October, November to have the pool lining company come in and work on the pool, gutters and deck,” Gillispie added. “We’ll also probably start the work on the boys and girls locker rooms and entrance to the pool in September or October.”

YMCA officials also hope to start on the landscaping project later this year.

Community members still can donate to the pool project.

“If people donate $500 or more, their names will be on a board at the entrance to the pool,” Gillispie said.

“This is a good time way for us to recognize all those who have given gifts to us.”