Rally celebrates faith, patriotism

ELKINS – Dozens of people took time out from their cook-outs and family Fourth of July events Friday to attend the God and Country Rally at the Jennings Randolph Federal Building in Elkins.

Several candidates running for office spoke at the rally, including Robert Karnes, candidate for West Virginia Senate in District 11; Phil Hudok, candidate for U.S. Senate; Mary Catherine Boltz, candidate for House of Delegates, District 43; and James Dean, candidate for Randolph County Commission.

Charles Kinnison, candidate for House of Delegates, District 43, could not attend but sent a letter that was read aloud during the event.

Patriotic and inspirational songs were performed by Billie Sipes and students from the Ambassador Church. The group served watermelon to all those in attendance Friday.

The event was sponsored by the West Virginia Patriots and Ambassador Church. Mike House, one of the organizers of the event, said the West Virginia Patriots began as part of the Tea Party, but broke off, forming its own group.

“America is a Judeo-Christian nation and our Constitution is being destroyed every day,” House said. “Our purpose is to call our nation back to God. The God and Country Rally is a way for us to encourage Christians to participate in the political process, either by running or holding a political office or registering to vote. Currently only about 20 percent of those registered to vote come out and exercise that right.”

House said the event not only encourages folks to get out and vote, but also reminds them to learn about the candidates.

“People need to vote, but first of all, you need to learn who you are voting for,” House said. “We need to put people into office that stand for the same values, and we need to pass our faith on to our children.”