Elkins High exterior marred

ELKINS – Elkins High School coaches were shocked early Saturday morning to find that vandals had defaced several exterior walls at the school.

Randolph County Superintendent of Schools Terry George said he received calls first thing Saturday morning when coaches arrived at the school, preparing to leave for an athletic trip.

George said the graffiti included satanic symbols, inappropriate words and pictures painted on the exterior wall of the cafeteria, the VoAg room and shop door.

“When the coaches found the school had been defaced by vandals, they contacted the school principals and then notified me,” George said. “The vandals wrote words and drew pictures on the side walls, on the walkways and in the parking lot of Elkins High School.”

George said he and the principals reviewed the tapes showing those responsible for the destruction.

“At this time, we are unable to identify those on the tape,” George said. “We are sending the videos away so they can be enhanced to make identification of those responsible.”

George said from the tapes they can tell the vandals struck at about 1 a.m. He said crews worked Saturday to correct the damage and noted the repairs come with a significant price as well as inconvenience to the administration.

“Acts like this are very disrupting to the education process,” George said. “It removes the focus from instruction of students and places it on vandalism.”

George said members of the Elkins City Police are conducting an on-going investigation. Anyone with information should contact George’s office by calling 304-636-9150, ext. 152 or the Elkins City Police at 304-636-0678.

“I hope this story will inspire someone to come forth with further information,” George said.