Kid’s Day brightens the Barbour County Fair

PHILIPPI – Third-grade students from Barbour County’s schools had a ball at the annual Kid’s Day activities at the Barbour County Fair Thursday.

Children were able to see first-hand demonstrations including apple butter making, a grist mill in operation, a honeybee hive and a one-room school house, as well as make a visit to the animals in the 4-H barn.

Retired Barbour County school teacher Pat True gave the children a hands-on experience in the Mouse Run Schoolhouse. She attended a one-room schoolhouse such as this as a child, and she began her 40-year teaching career in a similar school.

“It’s just been a wonderful day with the children,” True said. “They are just marvelous, with good behavior, and they are very attentive.”

Children sat in the desks, just as they would if they had attended the school years ago. True talked about the differences in school in those days compared to today. Water was carried from the well, lunches were brought from home, and the class was heated by the small stove in the back of the room, she said. True also taught the children a short lesson for life.

“We have one mouth and two ears,” True said. “We should listen twice as much as we talk.”

Next door, fair board member Bill Renzelli and volunteer Ben Stout showed the students how corn is ground into cornmeal at the grist mill.

Jessica Jones, a third-grade teacher from Philippi Elementary School, observed her class as they took a turn in stirring the apple butter before tasting a sample of the sweet goodness.

“The kids have been very excited and I think it’s a good opportunity for them to learn how things are done,” Jones said. “Even though it’s the 21st century, some things never change.”

Dressed in the protective clothing worn for beekeeping, siblings Luke and Emily Farnsworth spoke to the children about honeybees. The students were able to learn what to do if they are ever stung, as well as the role of the queen in the hive.

Members of the Barbour County Beekeepers Association were on hand to pass out samples of the honey.

Vice President Joyce Frey invites everyone to stop by the honeybee tent this week and see the live honeybees as well as sample the honey or purchase some for your home. The Beekeepers Association has many educational resources as well as a youth scholarship program.

The group meets at 7 p.m. every fourth Thursday at the Garden Market in Philippi.

Parent volunteer Deneise Bray said, “I think it’s just a great experience for the students to interact with other kids to see how it all works.

“The 4-H kids in the barn, as well as at the honeybee demonstration, have been great at answering their questions.”

Children were also able to ride around the fields in horse-drawn wagons for an old-fashioned fair experience.

The Barbour County Fair will feature ATV races – Adult Division tonight.


Admission $10

4 p.m. -Commercial & Competitive Exhibits Open

5 p.m. -Dairy Replacement & Beef Replacement Heifers

Show & Showmanship

5 p.m. -Registration for Adult ATV Drag Races

5:30 p.m. -Open Class Beef Show and Open Class Feeder Calf Show

6 p.m. -Draft Horse Show

6 p.m.-1 p.m. -Midway Open

7 p.m. -Adult ATV Drag Races, Bill Kelley Racing

7 p.m.- 4-H/FFA Market Steer & Feeder Calf Show and Showmanship Contest

On Stage at John Loyd Entertainment Center

7 p.m. -Shadrach

9 p.m. -Colt Ford performs


9 a.m. -Overall Showmanship Contest

9-11:30 a.m. -4-H/FFA Horse Showmanship – Covered Arena

9 a.m. -4-H Fitting and Showmanship Finals

10 a.m. -Commercial and Competitive Exhibits Open

12 p.m. -Lawn and Garden Tractor Pulls, Fellowsville Volunteer Fire Dept.

1 p.m. -Jack Lucas Antique Tractor Show

2 p.m.-5 p.m. -Midway Open

6 p.m. -Draft Horse Pulls

6 p.m.-11 p.m. -Midway Open

7 p.m. -Livestock Awards Presentation

7:30 p.m. -4-H/FFA Market Animal Sale

On Stage at John Loyd Entertainment Center

7 p.m. -Sarah Beth Meadows

8:30 p.m. -Nashville Recording Artist – Jamie Lynn Spears

11 p.m. – 2014 Fair closes