BOE to post job through RESA

ELKINS – The Randolph County Board of Education approved a request Tuesday for permission to post an available staff position through the Regional Education Services Agency (RESA).

The BOE voted 4-1 in favor of the request, with Donna Auvil being the lone board member casting a negative vote.

Randolph County Superintendent Terry George said the reason he recommended going through RESA to fill the position was that it would potentially cost the school system less.

“This is permission to post a part-time Reasoning Mind Math Facilitator which, it’s actually a coach, someone who works with the teachers who are in grades two and three who are working with the Reasoning Minds Math (program),” George said.

“The reason we requested to post it through RESA is that if we post it as a half-time position here in the county we are responsible for paying insurance and retirement and based upon who the successful applicant would be the cost could go, rather than the $19,000 to $20,000 that we expect to pay for this position through Title I, it could exceed $40,000 depending on who the successful applicant would be.”

Auvil stated she believed the position should be offered within the county and that a new teacher from the area could make similar pay.

“I have a lot of reasons why I am opposed to that,” Auvil said. “We are talking 20 hours a week at $30 an hour which comes to $19,200 if you do that. A new teacher, if you post that half-time… a new teacher would make around $16,000. For fixed charges there’s another probably $3,000 which brings that to $19,000 or, if they have family coverage, that’s $12,000, which would be $28,000… At the most you maybe are talking about $10,000, maybe more, if we post it here and, you are saying 20 hours a week. Why not post that as a half-time job?”

“I am strictly opposed to posting through RESA because I believe we need our own people,” Auvil said.

George said his recommendation was made strictly based on financial reasons and trying to save the school system money.

“I’m still looking at overall budgets and could I use that money that I would save, possibly use that for student services somewhere else in Title I,” George said.

The BOE will hold a special meeting at 4 p.m. Tuesday to vote on approving a bid from a general contractor on the Harman School repairs.

The next BOE regular meeting will be Sept. 16.