Jury selection set in Theodore Newlon case

ELKINS – Following a mistrial ruling in January because a jury could not be seated, the prosecution and defense will once again attempt to pick a jury today in the case of Theodore Yeager Newlon, 86, of Gilman, who is accused of fatally shooting his wife in 2012.

Newlon allegedly shot and killed his 68-year-old wife, Dora Newlon, in their home near Gilman in February 2012. Newlon was indicted in June 2012 on one felony count of murder and one count of wanton endangerment.

The trial will begin immediately following the selection of a jury and is scheduled to run through the remainder of the week.

Senior Status Judge Thomas Keadle declared the Jan. 19 mistrial after a 12-person jury could not be selected, due to many potential jurors citing that they had formulated opinions on Newlon’s guilt or innocence based on things they had seen or read in news media.

The potential jury pool in January began with 56 Randolph County residents. Roughly 150 three times the January amount will be brought in today.

The case, which has been pending for more than four years, has seen a number of continuances and mental status evaluations regarding Newlon’s competency to stand trial.

Randolph County Prosecuting Attorney Michael Parker and Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Richard Shryock will try the case on behalf of the state. Newlon will appear with James E. Hawkins Jr. and Kourtney Ryan as his defense counsel. Keadle will preside.