Buckhannon City Council discusses outdoor recreation

Ryan Zirk, left, and Casey Mills, not pictured, are recognized Thursday by Buckhannon Mayor David McCauley, right, for the artwork the pair completed on the bay doors of the Buckhannon Fire Department. The two will be honored on April 27.

BUCKHANNON — Outdoor recreation was a main topic of discussion on Thursday during the Buckhannon City Council meeting.

Colin Reger said he has high hopes of restoring one of the city’s great landmarks as he and his business partner, Matt Gower, work to restore Riverbend Park.

In partnership with Gower, Reger explained that the team has been able to begin designing and implementing renovations to the clubhouse and golf course at Riverbend Park in Upshur County.

“We’ve been working with the Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of Health and Human Resources, who have been invaluable in the progress that we have been making,” Reger said.

Reger explained the pair is hopeful that their efforts will modernize the facility for public use and also expand the scope of what the park has done in the past.

“Historically, it has been mostly used as a golf course and event venue, but we have a natural amphitheater off the fairway of hole number one that we intend to use for live music, festivals, things of that nature,” Reger said.

In addition, Reger added that Riverbend has recently began having catfishing tournaments that have been widely successful.

“We’re trying to use all of the resources that we have — all of the assets that the property has — to get people interested in coming in and doing things,” Reger said.

Furthering the topic of outdoor recreation was a team that has worked to complete a four-mile trail near Buckhannon-Upshur High School.

This trail can be utilized by bikers, hikers, and runners. The team hopes to continue to expand their project in the future.

Nathan Fetty said, “Hopefully, what we’ve been able to do is establish an opportunity for the outdoor recreation that we know is possible in Upshur County — given the landscapes that we have and the beautiful scenery — to make our community a more livable and enjoyable place to be.”

Also during Thursday’s meeting:

• A number of proclamations were made during Council’s regular meeting.

Among these proclamations were the following: Thursday was proclaimed Lady Bucs Basketball Day for the Buckhannon-Upshur High School team’s success during the 2016-17 season; today through April 30 was proclaimed Upshur Arts Alliance Day in celebration of the group’s 35th “birthday”; Saturday was proclaimed Earth Day in honor of the sustainability committee; today was proclaimed Ryan Zirk and Casey Mills Day in honor of the pair’s artwork at the Buckhannon Fire Department; and Gary Connell will be honored Saturday for his devotion to the community.

• Council met in executive session after the regular meeting for matters regarding personnel. No decisions were made during this time.