Students visit Randolph County Fair

The Inter-Mountain photo by Brooke Binns Traylon Weese, a fourth-grade student at Beverly Elementary School, tastes the homemade butter that students made during their visit to the Randolph County Fair on Friday.

BEVERLY — More than 300 fourth-grade students from across the county visited the Randolph County Fair on Friday to take part in its annual educational day.

For the 13th year, the West Virginia University Extension Office partnered with the Randolph County Fair and Randolph County Schools to offer a unique opportunity for students in the area to take part in hands-on activities.

Randolph County Extension Agent Amanda Haller said one of the main goals of offering an educational day at the fair is to get students outdoors and active.

“Our goal is really to reach out to the school system to partner with WVU Extension Service and the Randolph County Fair to get kids outdoors and exposed to a variety of education stations in a fun and active setting,” Haller said.

A total of six stations were offered exciting and interesting educational opportunities for students during their visit. Haller explained the Old Brick Playhouse taught improvisation skills and incorporated these new skills into a game while other stations allowed students to make butter, learn about bees and make a candle, explore a corn maze, and learn about horses and about Isaac Newton’s Law of Motions.

“The station I do is 4-H STEM and we use Alka-Seltzer to make bottle rockets,” Haller said.

Hayden Taylor, a fourth-grade student at Beverly Elementary School, said her favorite activity was making bottle rockets. She added that she tasted the butter they made and although it was different than the butter she is used to having from the grocery store, she did like it and would try it again if given the chance.

Tygart Valley High School and Elkins High School FFA club members assisted fair leaders and fourth-graders at different stations throughout the day.

“They served as guides, assistant instructors and they helped to run and organize the corn maze,” Haller said.

She went on to explain that each year when students visit things go very smoothly because of the great partnership between everyone involved.

This year, in addition to all other activities, MedExpress attended the event and handed out first aid kits to students who attended the fair, according to Haller.

Participating elementary schools include North, Jennings Randolph, Pickens, George Ward, Homestead, Beverly, Coalton, Midland, Harman, Third Ward, New Era Christian and Christian Academy.