MSFF ATV Race slated

JIMTOWN — Racers and spectators are gearing up for the Mountain State Forest Festival Motorcycle and ATV Race this weekend.

Jeff Skidmore, MSFF assistant director, and Brandon Sturdivant, a local individual helping to see the event come to fruition, agree that this year’s event will be bigger and better than ever.

“The course is between 6 and 7 miles,” Sturdivant said. “It’s not the same as it was last year by any means – we’ve added a lot of virgin track.”

He added that the course is at least twice as long as last year’s race.

Racers are coming from Maryland, Pennsylvania and Ohio, in addition to local areas, for the event on Sunday. The gates will open at 7 a.m. and races will go on throughout the day.

Event organizers and MSFF officials have been working for months to prepare for the event in hopes of making it one for all to enjoy.

According to the Mountain State Hare Scramble website, bike races are open to pro, A, B (16-21), B 21 and up, vet 30 and up, senior 40 and up, C (16-21), C (21-26), C 26 and up, school boy (12-17) up to 200CC, 4 stroke and women; ATV classes: pro, A, B (16-21), B 21 and up, vet 30 and up, senior 40 and up, C (16-21), C (21-26), C 26 and up, sport (15+) 200-250cc 2-stroke; 201-400cc 4 stroke, utility, school boy (13-15) 91-200cc 2-stroke; 91-300cc 4-stroke and women.

Youth classes: mini youth bike 50 SR. (7-9) 0-51cc 2-stroke; 0-70cc 4-Stroke, 50 JR. (4-6) 0-51cc 2-stroke; 0-70cc 4-stroke; mini youth ATV: 50 senior (7-9) 0-90cc, 50 4-stroke (7-9) 51cc-90cc 4 stroke only, 50 junior (4-6) 0-50cc; youth bike: super mini (12-15) 79cc-112cc-2-stroke;75cc- 150cc 4 stroke; intermediate: (7-12) 79cc-112cc-2-stroke;75cc-150cc 4 stroke, 65cc INTERMEDIATE(10-11), 65cc BEGINNER (7-9), girls (8-15) 79-112cc 2-Stroke; 75-150cc 4-Stroke, trail rider (7-15) 70-150cc air cooled.

Youth ATV, super mini (12-15) 91cc-200cc 2 stroke 150cc – 300cc 4 stroke; intermediate: (8-11) 71-90cc 2-stroke; 75-125cc 4-stroke; junior: (6-8) 71-90cc 2-stroke; 75-125cc 4-stroke; girls: (8-15) 71cc-90cc-2 stroke; 75cc-125cc-4 stroke.

For more information, visit or call 304-636-1824.