BOE will discuss turf replacement

FRENCH CREEK — Recent proposals regarding improvements needed at an Buckhannon-Upshur athletic facility will soon be voted on by the Upshur County Board of Education.

Upshur County Schools Assistant Superintendent Jack Reger said the board and county officials discussed the need to replace the artificial field turf at B-UHS during the board’s regular meeting on Tuesday.

“There is no question that we need it, but the board will have to approve the purchase,” Reger said.

Reger noted the artificial turf currently on the Buccaneers’ field has been there for more than a decade, adding the standard longevity for a turf field is typically anywhere between eight to 10 years.

“The first season was 2006, so this is the 12th season on the turf,” Reger said.

A final discussion and vote will take place on Oct. 24 during the BOE’s next regular meeting.

The next regular board meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Oct. 24 at Washington District Elementary School.