New antique store opens in Elkins

ELKINS — A new antique store opened its doors Wednesday, offering area residents a variety of appliances.

Charles “Hum” Stottlemyer, also known as “The Stove Man,” will be operating the store from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday each week.

The facility, aptly named “The Stove Man Antiques,” specializes in stoves, some of which are more than a decade old.

“I’m ‘The Stove Man.’ I specialize in any kind of stove,” he said. “I’ve got stoves from 1850 up. If you need a stove for your bed and breakfast, I have it. If you want a parlor stove, I have it. If you want a gas heater, I usually have it. I’ve got 70 stoves or more. I also have old washers, Coke machines, all kinds of stuff.”

He said a large portion of items are models people have “never seen before,” along with hard-to-find items.

“My main thing is stoves but I have a few loose things. Stuff you’ve never seen before,” Stottlemyer said. “When they come in they’ll say ‘My mother had one,’ and I’ll show you features that aren’t even on new stuff today that’s better.”

The shop is located at 508 South Randolph Ave., in Elkins, just under the railroad overpass, on the right, heading south of the Beverly Five-lane.

“Just tell them to pass under the railroad crossing. I just put a railroad crossing in (at the store),” he said. “I’ll turn it on when I’m open. People always say ‘Cross over,’ well, come under the bridge to get to ‘The Stove Man.’ It’s different.”

In addition to selling items, Stottlemyer is also a collector of Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola memorabilia. He added he will buy as well as sell.

“I collect Coca-Cola. I’ve got 40 Coke machines at the house and I’ve also got a Pepsi room. I took the challenge,” he said. “I buy and sell. There may be more people wanting to sell than buy, but that’s all right.”

He added he will be continuing to add inventory throughout the year and urged people to stop by often.

“It’s going to take me the rest of the year to get all my stuff in that I’ve got and I’m still working on my building, but it’s coming along good,” Stottlemyer said.