Black Friday

Holiday shoppers turn out at stores

The Inter-Mountain photo by Brooke Binns Big Lots sales associate Matt Oxier, right, assists Harold Lindsay with loading furniture purchased from Big Lots in Elkins on Black Friday into Lindsay’s pickup truck.

BUCKHANNON — One of the year’s busiest shopping days – Black Friday – was deemed a success by multiple Buckhannon businesses.

Throughout the country, many retail stores opened their doors early Friday morning, but for others, sales kicked off even earlier, on Thanksgiving Day.

At Walmart, bargain hunters awaited for doors to open at 6 p.m. Thursday.

Store manager for the Buckhannon Walmart, Vonda Cabel, said the location had “a pretty large crowd” for the opening at 6 p.m. Thursday, and customer participation had continued throughout the night.

“We’ve had a lot of customers,” she said. “It’s as good as, if not better, than last year.”

Several TVs and gadgets, toy sets and home goods were popular sale items for this year’s Black Friday.

Goody’s offered a variety of deals throughout the week, and in return had a large customer turnout, local officials said.

On Tuesday, Nov. 21, for the pre-black Friday sale, the store closed at 4 p.m. and then reopened at 6 p.m until midnight.

For Black Friday, the department store opened at 6 a.m.; however, it was also open Thanksgiving Day from 2 p.m. until 1 a.m.

“The customers’ participation has been wonderful,” said Buckhannon Goody’s store manager Genevia Riggleman. “We have a lot of great, loyal customers for our Buckhannon store, and of course with all of the different people visiting our town and everything, it’s been a nice time for everybody to come and see that we’re under new management and seeing what the store has to offer to Buckhannon.”

Though the store offers “a little bit of everything,” she said one of the biggest sale items was a 50-inch RCA television.

Though this is Riggleman’s first year at Goody’s, she said, “From what I’ve seen this year, it’s been an amazing year, and I’m looking forward to it continuing into the new year.”

The thrift store Goodwill also offered sale items for customers, and store manager Judy Metz said this year’s Black Friday was “real good.”

Because Black Friday is famous for multiple money-saving sales for customers, Metz said it’s important for businesses to offer deals.

Felt baskets were on sale at Diane’s Hallmark during Black Friday. Any item that could fit into the basket was 20 percent off.

Though the gift shop opened at its regular hour Friday, 10 a.m., sales associate Jordan Shaver said it was busy, but not necessarily for Black Friday sales.

“We do have a lot of customers buying Christmas stuff today,” she said Friday.

As the holiday deals and specials continue to surge into Cyber Monday and well into Christmas Day, Attorney General Patrick Morrisey issued a press release warning of scams.

“This is the time when holiday shopping kicks into full gear,” he said in the news release. “It’s important to know how to spot scams and unscrupulous situations as you find the perfect gift for that special somebody.”

Morrisey recommends consumers pay close attention to holiday credit card offers, limit the use of debit cards and be aware of fraudulent websites or coupons that resemble the real thing.

“In-store shoppers also should leave Social Security cards and other non-essential information at home, lock presents away in the trunk, watch for skimming devices and use a RFID blocking sleeve or wallet to protect credit/debit cards from electronic pickpockets,” reads the release.

Morrisey also warns to use credit rather than debit because credit cards offer broader protections to dispute charges when goods or services do not arrive as promised.

For Cyber Monday shoppers, and online shoppers in general, Morrisey urges them to check for spelling mistakes and low-quality images, and ensure URL addresses legitimately match the known retailer’s website.

“Consumers should rely upon secure payment systems such as PayPal, avoid money transfers to unknown people and make sure any payment website starts with https:// as the ‘s’ indicates a secure page,” states the press release.