Library receives donation

Submitted photo The Elkins-Randolph County Public Library received a $2,000 Christmas donation from the Friends of the Library Elkins Bookhounds. Friends’ President Heidi Jeffries presented the check during the last meeting of the year of the Cool Chicks Read Book Club on Nov. 17.

ELKINS — Christmas came early for the Elkins-Randolph County Public Library, as the library was gifted with a donation of $2,000 from the Elkins Bookhounds Friends of the Library Organization.

The Bookhounds recently approached the executive director of the Elkins-Randolph County Public Library, Stephanie Murphy, asking for a list of what the library would need to fulfill its mission statement to support the community in the upcoming year.

Murphy replied with an extensive wish list, expecting the Bookhounds to graciously purchase a couple items on the list.

The Bookhounds then reviewed the list and estimated that the list totaled to around $2,000. The Bookhounds then gave the library $2,000 to purchase all of the items on the list.

The library then received a 55-inch smart TV to use for movie nights, showings, presentations and classes, along with a DVD and Blu-Ray player, a wall mount and a surround sound system.

The library also received two new Chromebook laptops to offer more computer classes for all ages, along with tablets and E-Readers to download apps, teach photography and hold orientations.

The Bookhounds also gifted the library with a popcorn machine for movie nights, community meetings, children’s programs and upcoming game nights, which are planned to begin in January.

With the donation, the library is also planning to create a Makerspace for middle school students to create and make things using math and science skills using task cards.

The Makerspace will stimulate children’s creative skills by giving them real world problems to solve using legos and robotics. Children will work in groups using math and science skills to create towers, buildings and bridges to fulfill the problem of their task.

“We want to provide innovative programming that supports mathematical and science based skills as well as language skills,” Murphy stated. “The gifts that we received from the friends are above and beyond what we hoped to provide for the community.”

The library also had enough money left over from their donation to buy a drone, which will be used for communications, photography, video making and advertising.

“Our whole mission is to bring our library up the standards of what a 21st century library is,” Murphy stated. “Our job is to provide access to all information in all formats in the community that we serve.”

From the Bookhounds donations, the library will be able to provide more services to the public along with computer and digital learning services to all ages.

The Elkins Bookhounds, which were established in October of 2016, have organized numerous fundraising events and book sales in support the library just over the past year.

The Bookhounds have held four booksales, multiple membership drives, facilitated the children’s summer program in the library and hosted a Harriet Tubman “History Alive!” program in October with over 200 in attendance.

Along with holding fundraisers in support of the library, Bookhound members frequently volunteer their time at the library to support the library’s events and programs.

The Bookhounds are planning to continue their support of the library, holding another “History Alive!” program, creating a “Run For It!” team for the library and holding a Chocolate Frenzy fundraiser in February.

The Library would like to thank the Bookhounds and the community for their generous donation to the library, along with their continuous support.

“We are blessed to have such an active and diligent organization to support our mission and their own community.” Murphy stated.