Wednesday’s edition to offer Black Friday shopping deals

ELKINS — Snow flurries this time of year usually trigger thoughts of hunting for many people. Those that go to the woods look forward to the snow for tracking. Those that go to the shops look forward to the snow because they know it is the time of year for bargains. Black Friday is upon us.

Our Wednesday edition of The Inter-Mountain has the most circulars of any time of the year. These newspapers are in high demand as we call this “Wild Wednesday.” With more than two-dozen inserts and many thousands of dollars in savings, this is a fun and exciting time to pick up a newspaper.

“We have found that the ‘Wild Wednesday’ edition of The Inter-Mountain is a holiday tradition with thousands of families in our region,” said Publisher Steve Herron.

With so many deals to be found during Black Friday shopping, Herron said Thanksgiving always brings out the largest edition of The Inter-Mountain.

“The ‘Wild Wednesday’ edition is our largest newspaper of the year, with more than two dozen sales fliers and catalogs included,” he said.

Herron suggested subscribing to The Inter-Mountain in order for people to get their hands on all of the fliers, but area residents also may pick up Wednesday’s newspaper at local stores.

“The best way to be guaranteed a copy of the ‘Wild Wednesday’ edition is to be a home subscriber, but if not, look for it at your favorite retail location,” Herron said. “Because of the popularity of our ‘Wild Wednesday’ edition, we’ve increased the number of copies available in 2017 and our staff will be actively restocking at our retail locations.”

And with it being so large, Herron said the price hasn’t increased from previous years.

“Even though the Thanksgiving edition is bigger than ever, we have not raised the price from last year of $1.25,” he said.

With so many local shoppers picking up the newspaper to prepare for their shopping adventure, Herron said The Inter-Mountain is proud to be a part of that tradition.

“Many holiday shoppers plan their entire shopping experience around what they find in The Inter-Mountain. We are pleased to be a part of that family tradition,” Herron said.