Lions Club member enjoys volunteering

The Inter-Mountain photo by Sarah Goodrich Johnnaston Kimble volunteers with the Tennerton Lions Club by helping the local Salvation Army and contributing to local schools and the community.

Editor’s note: This is the third article in a weekly series that highlights volunteers in the region who have served for many years or who go above and beyond to help local organizations, churches and nonprofit agencies. To make a suggestion, please call The Inter-Mountain’s newsroom at 304-636-2124.

TENNERTON — For Johnnaston Kimble, volunteering is a significant aspect to his life.

As vice president of the Tennerton Lions Club, Kimble organizes members to lend a hand with the Salvation Army, local schools and other community projects.

Each holiday season, members of the Lions Club will be seen outside of the Buckhannon Walmart for a few hours at a time, ringing the red bell for the Salvation Army.

For Kimble, he collects donations for the nonprofit organization for a whole day. Last year, he said he got lucky because Walmart welcomed the bell ringers inside the lobby, instead of having them stand out in the cold.

“I didn’t know where we were going to be because I had a pair of overalls and coat on and I thought we were going to be outside, but it turns out we were inside. It was really great and made it really convenient,” Kimble said.

He noted if Walmart continues to offer the lobby to bell ringers, more people are likely to volunteer their time.

Many members of the Lions Club, including Kimble, will donate canned food and supplies to the Salvation Army, as well.

“We do a lot of volunteer projects, and there’s always good news,” he said about the Lions Club. “And (we’re) always helping someone out, and there’s a lot of stuff to do in this county that needs to be done.”

Because many of the members are senior citizens, Kimble said it can be difficult to get volunteers for certain projects.

“And we live in a fast-paced world,” he added.

Kimble has contributed to the county by volunteering for several projects, including painting at the Pringle Tree Park and playground equipment at the area schools.

“If there’s any other local schools that would need their playground equipment painted, get a hold of us. We’d be happy to do that,” he said.

Kimble has even traveled to Harrison and Marion counties to help the victims of flash floods.

“We go every other weekend, and we go up there and do flood cleanup,” he said. “And then last year, we did it down in Clendenin. We would drive down there every other weekend and do flood cleanup down there.”

For Kimble, volunteering is a way to contribute back to the community without expected anything in return.

“When you volunteer, it makes the world such a better place and you get a smile out of it in return, and people appreciate that,” he commented. “In today’s world, a lot of people have a big issue with trust.”