Longtime Barbour County clerk receives national award

The Inter-Mountain photo by Sarah Goodrich On behalf of West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner, Mike Queen presents Macel Auvil with the NASS-WV Award for Achievement in Public Service during a ceremony at the Barbour County courthouse Monday afternoon.

PHILIPPI — Monday was a day of celebration as former Barbour County Clerk Macel Auvil was awarded for her long and distinguished career serving the public.

On Aug. 1, 1969, Macel Auvil began her career as the Barbour County Clerk. Forty-seven years later she retired. Auvil was unaware that her dedicated years at the county courthouse would lead to a national honor, the National Association of Secretaries of State-WV Award for Achievement in Public Service.

This is the first time this national recognition has come to West Virginia.

In a press release, West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner said, “Macel Auvil is a true example of what we should all strive for in public service. By serving the people of Barbour County for so many years, Macel has given her time and her heart to her community. For that we say thanks and well done.”

On behalf of Warner, during a small ceremony Monday in the Barbour County courthouse, the secretary of state’s deputy chief for external affairs, Mike Queen, delivered a speech expressing gratitude toward Auvil and all public servants.

“Our county clerks play a significant role in just about everything we do,” said Queen.

He noted many of life’s biggest moments are shared at the county courthouse with public servants — birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates and voting.

“(Auvil) dedicated her life to her staff, to the people she worked with and to the residents of Barbour County,” said Queen.

As a public servant through eight presidents, Auvil witnessed the progression of technology and the increasing load put onto county clerks.

“Thank you all very, very much. This is a total surprise,” said Auvil to Queen, her former co-workers and friends and family. “I can tell you one thing, my years that I worked (as county clerk), I enjoyed it everyday coming to work.”

Following in her footsteps, current county clerk Connie Kaufman said she finally understands what Auvil went through all those years.

“You taught me and showed me a lot and there was a lot I needed to learn and you were there for me every chance. If I called you, you were right there,” said Kaufman. “I so appreciate you, and I have so much respect and honor for you.”