New business set to open in Buckhannon

BUCKHANNON — Downtown Buckhannon just got an early Christmas present — The Daily Grind has been purchased and a new business will be opening in January.

Members of Buckhannon City Council learned that Stone Tower Brews will be serving the B-U community cold brews and hot coffee, following an announcement by business owners Rob Linger, Bob Layne and James Kane during Thursday’s meeting.

Currently, the trio owns and operates Fairmont’s Joe N’ Throw, which specializes in roasted coffee and West Virginia craft beer. In 2015, Joe N’ Throw was named Best Coffee Shop in West Virginia.

“We hope to make Stone Tower Brews the 2018 Best Coffee Shop in West Virginia,” Linger said.

Buckhannon’s community engagement left an impression on the business partners, and essentially attracted them to the area.

“We are huge supporters of community, building community and just being a part of everything that’s going on,” Linger said.

He noted the community fits well with the type of market they enjoy.

“You can tell people really care here about what’s going on,” Linger added.

Along with craft brews and quality coffee, Stone Tower Brews will offer breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“It’s still very much so in its early stages, however, we’ll have primarily in the morning breakfast foods. For scramble eggs, our concept is a scramble egg bowl. Customers will be able to have options to add in and top fresh tomatoes, avocados, different additions into the scramble eggs, peppers and onions and those sorts of things,” said Kane. “So it’ll be a nice hearty breakfast.”

A variety of pastries baked in house will also be options for customers.

For lunch, Kane said they want to be able to offer surrounding businesses and employees at the Upshur County Courthouse quick lunches.

“So we’ll focus on sandwiches and salads, a typical coffee shop affair,” he added.

Toward the evening, Kane said the atmosphere will develop into more of a craft beer bar, with the target to market young professionals.

“We’ll be bringing in six different taps more than likely that will be dedicated to West Virginia breweries,” he said.

Hours of operation are still being discussed, as Kane said they are still not aware when surrounding businesses open up shop.

“Not being from the immediate community, we don’t know when office buildings (are open) around here. We want to be open before them because we want them to stop and get their morning joe on the way,” he said.

Anyone interested in more information can visit Stone Tower Brews — Buckhannon on Facebook.