SBA to fund new school roof for Tennerton

BUCKHANNON — The Upshur County Board of Education has received funding from the School Board Authority to carry out a much -eeded replacement to one of the local elementary schools.

Upshur County Schools Superintendent Roy Wager verified this week the school system had received $546,164 — the board’s requested amount — from the SBA.

The awarded funds will be used for a total roof replacement at Tennerton Elementary School to correct numerous issues which have caused roof leaks in several areas of the building.

Twenty-one other counties also received funding for schools that may need construction, renovations or improvements.

About a month ago, Wager said he and BOE President Dr. Tammy Samples traveled to Charleston to request the amount from the SBA.

He said after the presentation, questions are asked regarding the request.

“This was the first time I had ever (presented) and gone before the School Board (Authority), so I didn’t know what to expect,” he said. “You have 10 minutes to present and five minutes to ask questions, and then you’re done.”

Wager said they only requested funds for the roof renovations at Tennerton Elementary School, but had a couple other projects in mind.

“We were afraid if we pushed the envelope that we might not get any of the (funds),” he noted. “So we did the most crucially one, which is the roof at Tennerton because it leaks and it’s really bad.”

As the building was built in 1958, Wager said three additions have been constructed since, with the last addition done in 2012.

“So, we’re excited,” he said.

Wager said the replacement work for the roof should begin some time next summer.

This week, Randolph County Schools was awarded $5.4 million in funding to provide additional classrooms in Beverly Elementary and George Ward Elementary schools, to accomodate additional students because of the closures of Valley Head Elementary and Homestead Elementary schools.