Elkins police investigate Good Shepherd break-in

ELKINS — The Elkins City Police are investigating an alleged break-in at Good Shepherd Ministries, located on First Street, where a woman is believed to have stayed overnight Thursday, ransacking the facility and leaving behind a pile of her own clothes, a knife and other items.

Officials believe the woman entered the building on Thursday evening, hid out and stayed inside after employees left the facility.

In the early morning hours Friday, an employee of the Good Shepherd arrived and found a female individual, prompting her to contact law enforcement.

“The person just messed up the place trying to get out,” Elkins Mayor Van Broughton said. “It’s a shame that an event like this took place but I am pleased with EPD’s quick response and ability to accumulate evidence rapidly. I do believe this was an isolated incident.”

Broughton added that he spoke with Tammy Kittle, who coordinates the facility, and will be working to assist with additional cameras.

“I talked to Tammy. We talked about video cameras. She admits she needs some more cameras to be hung,” Broughton said. “Myself — along with the city — we are looking at possible funding and grants to help them get a better security system with cameras. I’m going to put it on Facebook in the next week or so to ask for donations to get cameras up in this place.”

Broughton said he believes it is important to help protect businesses like the Good Shepherd because they assist the community in times of need.

“This is a much-needed business in this town,” he said. “They are helping the needy and I want to make sure they stay safe and continue to do what they are doing.”

Items found at the store, believed to belong to the alleged intruder, include a sex toy, pepper spray, women’s clothing and a knife. Video posted to Facebook also shows damaged doors within the


Broughton added EPD has a “credible lead” on who was inside the facility but noted the investigation is ongoing.

Anyone interested in making a donation is urged to contact Broughton at 304-636-1414.