Roy Wager slated to retire


BUCKHANNON — After many years of being a part of the Upshur County School system, Superintendent Roy Wager will be retiring this summer.

Throughout the years, he has served as a teacher, principal and superintendent for Upshur County.

Wager started his career in 1972 as a third- and fourth-grade teacher at East Main School, currently known Stockert Youth Center.

“Then I became principal of Hogdesville Elementary — was only there for one year, and then they asked me to come back to East Main as principal,” he explained.

From 2000 to 2012, Wager said he was the federal programs director for the schools.

In December of 2012, Wager had retired; however, six months later he came back to fill the role as school superintendent.

With this retirement, though, Wager said he doesn’t plan on returning. He noted that he will miss the students, teachers and service personnel.

“I love being around the kids. I’d always been an elementary person, but when I got to this job I got to spend a lot more time with secondary kids and really got to enjoy that part of it,” he said.

Being a board member for six years, BOE President Tammy Samples said Wager was “a face for the Board of Education.”

“He spent a lot of time in the community, talking about what we do and how we help people in the system …,” she said. “He was very physical in the community, and that’s a strong quality for a superintendent.”

Samples explained the board is in the process of creating a job announcement for the position of superintendent.

“Once that is completed, it’ll be posted with local media outlets online. It’ll be on the website of the West Virginia School Board Association, and then once it goes live, it’ll be up for about three weeks,” she said.

For the role, Samples said she is looking for someone with a strong connection to the community.

“We want someone who is fair and consistent in everything they do,” she said. “Somebody who has the ability to build morale and have employees follow them.”

Wager’s last day will be June 30, with the new superintendent beginning on July 1.