Harpist to perform at The Arts Center


ELKINS — Acclaimed Paraguayan harpist Nicolas Carter will perform at 7:30 p.m. Saturday at The Arts Center in Elkins.

Born in Minnesota, Carter’s family of social workers and missionaries moved to Paraguay when he was 6 months old. There, Carter learned to play the harp as part of his large, international family. Paraguay has a long and distinguished tradition of harp music.

Carter returned to the United States to study at the University of Minnesota. Away from his homeland, he developed a new sense of appreciation the Paraguayan harp. The music became the means to be connected to the memories of the past and to rejoice and share with others the music and traditions of Paraguay.

During his college years, Carter became an accompanist to popular Paraguayan singer Lizza Bogado and performed in concert with Bogado throughout the United States and in Sweden.

In 1991, Carter joined with Mauricio Sanchez from Mexico (guitar, woodwinds) and Juan Ruiz Bautista from Nicaragua (lead singer, guitarr’on) to form a trio called Son del Sur (Song from the South). Son del Sur performed traditional Latin American folk music combining rhythms from various Latin American countries in a style that was uniquely their own and were well-received by audiences throughout the Midwest.

Carter lived in France for a year and performed with harpist Hugo Barahona throughout France, Switzerland and Germany. They played in a variety of interesting venues — they performed in a subway for tips, as well as in concerts for thousands.

Recently, Carter has been a teaching artist in two programs designed to improve student engagement and achievement through the arts. As a teaching artist for the Arts Courses for Educators program developed by the Perpich Center for Arts Education, Carter provided arts training for teachers, as well as hands-on instruction to help teachers learn ways to integrate arts into their teaching of other core subject areas.

At Neighborhood Bridges, a program developed by The Children’s Theater, Carter works with teachers and students to engage students creatively and bring stories to life through drama to enhance critical literacy skills. In 2013 Carter received a Fulbright Scholar award to introduce Neighborhood Bridges and work with Uruguayan educators in Montevideo, Uruguay. During 2015 and 2016 Carter worked promoting innovative theater programs in schools in Montevideo and Colonia, Uruguay.

For additional information, anyone interested can contact the RCCAC at 304-637-2355, or visit the website at www.randolpharts.org.