‘Cuz’ Strickland at Roy’s RV today

The Inter-Mountain photo by Brad Johnson Ronnie ‘Cuz’ Strickland, center, is joined by Roy’s RV Supercenter General Manager Tim Senic, left, and Starcraft Regional Sales Manager Mark Bodnar at Roy’s RV Supercenter in Elkins Friday evening.

ELKINS — Nationally recognized outdoorsman and Mossy Oak representative Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland will be on hand to meet fans during a free BBQ event today at Roy’s RV Supercenter.

“I even put on social media that if people come out I’ll personally serve them some food,” Stickland said with a laugh Friday evening in Elkins. “I might have to go get me an apron at Wal-Mart before Saturday.”

The BBQ event will be from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. today, and is part of a Red Tag Clearance Sale at Roy’s RV Supercenter running through Aug. 11.

In addition to free food, Mossy Oak clothing and gear will also be given away.

“West Virginia is a special place,” Strickland said upon arriving in Elkins Friday evening, noting that he used to turkey hunt in the Mountain State. “If you love being outside, it’s just beautiful here.”

Strickland has had a huge presence on social media and on television. During his 30 years at Mossy Oak he has overseen the production of more than 40 DVD titles and nearly 1,600 episodes of nationally broadcast television that have aired on TNN, ESPN, ESPN2, Outdoor Channel and Pursuit Network. Today as Senior Vice President for the company, he oversees media efforts that have expanded to include both traditional and online video. Along the way he has authored three books on hunting.

He is in Elkins this weekend to help promote Mossy Oak teaming up with RV manufacturer Starcraft. Several of the signature Mossy Oak RVs are available at Roy’s RV Supercenter.

“These two companies working together is a match made in outdoor heaven,” Strickland said Friday. “A lot of their customers and our customers are the same customers. Sales have been really, really brisk, to say the least. People love the camo design. Starcraft did a masterful job on the design. It’s been so tastefully done.”

Strickland has been visiting RV dealerships around the country as part of the promotion, and by the end of his travels will also have been to Pennsylvania, Michigan, Kentucky, Mississippi and Texas.

“I wanted to meet some of the bigger RV dealers,” he said Friday. “I love watching people come in and look at the Mossy Oak RVs, seeing what the wife thinks about it, what the kids think. The only way you can learn about that and get that kind of feedback is at the dealership.”

Strickland also noted that he “got bit with the RV bug” himself.

“The one I ordered just came in back in Mississippi” where he lives, he said Friday. “My grandkids are ready to go camping. I’m real excited to get it on the road.”

On YouTube this fall, Strickland will host a series of videos titled “Home is Where the Hunt Is,” in which he will take his Mossy Oak RV to parks and camps around the country.

“I hope people come out to meet me Saturday, have some good food and look at the RVs,” Strickland said. “It’ll be a good time.”

Roy’s RV Supercenter is located on the Beverly Five-lane. For more information, call 800-447-7697.