Rotary member offers recruiting tips

BUCKHANNON — Buckhannon Rotary Club members learned tips on how to recruit new members to join the organization.

During its weekly meeting, club member Dean Everett exposed fellow members to helpful strategies on drafting new members.

“We as Rotarians all have the honor of belonging to the oldest service organization in the world,” he said, adding the organization began in 1905 and currently has 1.2 million members worldwide.

Everett said one of a Rotarian’s primary responsibilities is to not only identify but to recruit new members.

The first tip Everett proposed was to create a list of “all the great things about our club.” He listed the annual blood screenings, past firework displays, donating to the backpack program, sponsoring Heart and Hand and Helping Hands among other contributions.

Another tip Everett proposed was to enlist younger folks to join the club.

“They bring fresh ideas and energy,” he said. “We want to attract young people who want to get involved.”

When trying to recruit new members, Everett said to “talk about Rotary wherever you go” noting work, parties, sporting events, family gatherings and church as examples.

“There’s never a place that’s inappropriate to talk Rotary,” he said.

The fear of rejection shouldn’t stop current members from seeking out new members, Everett said.

“I think that people even if they aren’t interested just appreciate being asked,” he said. “It’s like getting asked to go to a party whether you’re going to go or not.”

Everett also stressed there’s never a wrong time to invite a potential member to a meeting.

“You never know where you’ll meet your next Rotarian,” he said.

While speaking to someone about joining Rotary, Everett said to emphasize the service aspect of the organization.

“Being a Rotarian provides a pathway to getting involved in the community, but also on an international basis by contributing to rotary foundation,” he said.

Embracing diversity was another tip Everett proposed, followed by celebrating once a new member joins the club.

“Make sure the new members feel wanted and welcomed,” he said.