Program saves Randolph Co. $500,000

ELKINS — Roughly a quarter of the way into the new fiscal year, the North Central Community Corrections program gave an update into their activity.

Erin Golden, North Central Community Corrections executive director, said there are 106 total offenders on the program.

Forty-seven of those individuals are full participants in the program, 69 are on the program as a condition of bond, eight individuals receive services only, 15 are parole offenders, six do check-ins and drug screens, and 20 are on the program through probation.

Golden added in the fiscal year 2018-19, which began July 1, 24 individuals have completed the program, 28 have terminated from the program and five have re-entered back into the program.

“We currently haven’t had anyone attend a rehab,” Golden said. “There are a few that are looking but haven’t gotten a bed yet.”

Through the program, 920 community service hours and 8,640 employment hours have been completed.

One out of six individuals in the BIPPS domestic violence program have completed the program, to date. Golden added the program is a 32-week course.

“It takes a while to complete the program but the majority of them complete it,” Golden said.

Of 512 drug screens administered, 59 have tested positive and 453 have tested negative, according to Golden.

Between community service savings of $8,050, fees collected in the amount of $8,023.80, and with the program saving $503,778.25 from the regional jail bill, the NCCC program has saved the county $511,828.25 during the first three months of this fiscal year.

Golden said there are currently three on the run from the program; however, she noted that two individuals on the run were recently taken into custody.

“We’ve had quite a few people that have been on the run and were gone for a while now but that number has actually gotten smaller so we’ve caught a couple of them, which I’m thankful for,” Golden said. “Currently, there is one woman who was on the run from parole for about two years, and we finally caught her, so we are really happy about that.

“Then there was another girl who I caught who was actually on the run from probation for about a year or so,” she added.

She added that otherwise the program is doing very well for the current fiscal year.

“We are doing really well. Some of the clients are doing very well and I’m very happy with the progress,” Golden said.