Taylor honored by Randolph County Development Authority

The Inter-Mountain photo by Tim MacVean Randolph County Commission President Mike Taylor, center, receives a West Virginia-shaped woodworking from Randolph County Development Authority officials in honor of his decade of service to the RCDA board of directors and 12 years of service as a Randolph County Commissioner. From left are Robbie Morris, RCDA executive director; Taylor; and Frank Koenig, RCDA board of directors president.

ELKINS — A long-time Randolph County Commissioner and Randolph County Development Authority board member was honored this week.

During the December Randolph County Development Authority meeting, current Randolph County Commission President Mike Taylor — who has served as a commissioner for 12 years and an RCDA board member for 10 years — received high praise for his accomplishments.

“During Commissioner Taylor’s tenure with the county commission and the development authority, he was a staunch advocate for positive economic development policy that assisted with strengthening and growing our local economy,” Robbie Morris, Randolph County Development Authority executive director, read from a resolution honoring Taylor, which was unanimously approved by board members present at the meeting.

“Commissioner Taylor worked with his fellow commissioners to significantly increase financial support of the RCDA so that we may carry out our mission to the best of our ability. Taylor could always be counted on to be the strong, excited, yet calm voice in the boardroom that would utter everyone’s favorite phrase, ‘I make a motion we adjourn.’

“The Randolph County Development Authority hereby extends our sincere appreciation and gratitude to Commissioner Taylor for his support and dedication to the Randolph County Development Authority and all Randolph County citizens. We wish him well in his future endeavors.”

On Jan. 1, Taylor’s tenure will end on both the Randolph County Commission and as the commissioner appointed to the Randolph County Development Authority board of directors.

Taylor was presented with a gift of a West Virginia-shaped woodworking, with a personalized saying on the back.

“On behalf of the staff and board of directors of the Randolph County Development Authority, I would like to present you with this state of West Virginia to symbolize and commemorate all the good work you have done for the state of West Virginia during your career,” Morris said.

“On the back it says ‘In appreciation for your dedication and support of the Randolph County Development Authority during your tenure as a Randolph County Commissioner. Your hard work and progressive vision to create and sustain a vibrant economy throughout the county will be missed. The absence of your motions to adjourn will be felt by all.”

Following the meeting, Morris stressed that Taylor was an integral part of the RCDA throughout his decade of service.

“The staff and board of directors really appreciate the support Commissioner Taylor has given our organization over the past several years. He has served on the board, attended all the meetings and done a lot to help us move the county forward. He’s been very supportive of the organization overall, whether it’s looking at the Armstrong project, Greenfield project, broadband project, support for Corridor H, support for the Hardwood Alliance Zone, all the different aspects that we’ve come to the commission, as a whole, to ask for support for in various ways. He has never turned a blind eye and we appreciate the service and wanted to honor him here this evening.”

Taylor said he was humbled to be a “small part” of the numerous amount of economic development projects throughout the county.

“The recognition I received from my peers on the development authority means a lot because I think over the last 10 years, the development authority has come to the forefront of development authorities in the state with their aggressive approach to development,” Taylor said. “As you heard Robbie say earlier, pending the Greenfield project, we will have $13 million of development loans going on in the county. I am very, very proud to have been a small part of that but I think it contributes to the success of Randolph County.”

Additionally, during the meeting six individuals were recognized for their years of service to the Randolph County Development Authority Board of Directors — Charlie Friddle with 30 years; Tom Williams and Bill Hartman with 25 years each; Mark Doak with 15 years; Taylor with 10 years; and Van Broughton with five years.