Elkins man is arrested after high-speed pursuit

ELKINS — An Elkins man was arrested Friday after a high-speed pursuit, with drugs, cash and a gun allegedly found in the vehicle.

Scott Jackson Hamrick, 38, was charged with fleeing with reckless indifference, possession of a controlled substance with intent to manufacture or deliver, driving while license revoked, third offense, and malicious assault. Bond was set at $100,000 cash only.

According to a criminal complaint filed by Senior Patrolman C.G. Boatwright, of the Elkins Police Department, he and Senior Patrolman D.T. Sayre spotted Hamrick’s vehicle in the Elkins Walmart parking lot. Hamrick “was known by both officers to be driving revoked for DUI,” the complaint states.

Hamrick drove the white Oldsmobile Aurora out of the parking lot onto the Beverly 5-Lane, with the officers following, with their emergency lights and siren on, according to the complaint. Hamrick turned off the highway onto side roads, then “maneuvered through the gas pumps” at Go Mart and back onto the Beverly 5-Lane. Officers pursued, with Hamrick making a right turn onto Country Club Road. “Speeds remained 5-10 mph over the posted speed limit,” Boatwright wrote.

Randolph County Sheriff’s Deputies Kyle and Beverly joined the pursuit, with Hamrick coming back onto the 5-Lane headed toward Beverly “reaching speeds of approximately 75-80 mph on the Beverly 5-Lane,” the complaint states. Hamrick reportedly drove through Beverly and then made a left onto Files Creek Road, and then a right turn across a bridge and onto the back road traveling back toward Beverly.

Patrolman W.D. Butcher was driving toward Hamrick and the pursuing officers on the back road, court documents state. “(Hamrick) was given room to pass but accelerated to approximately 30-40 mph directly toward Patrolman Butcher’s cruiser and swerved into the front of the cruiser, causing damage to both vehicles,” Boatwright wrote.

“We then exited our cruiser and began to give commands to (Hamrick), who refused. I then broke the driver’s side window and gained entry into the vehicle while Patrolman Butcher broke the passenger side in attempts to gain control of (Hamrick), who was reaching throughout the vehicle,” the complaint states.

After Hamrick was placed under arrest, a search of the Oldsmobile revealed a pair of “glass smoking devices with residue inside” in the driver’s side door compartment; a backpack containing five rolls of currency secured with rubber bands, which totaled $5,678; a set of digital scales; a loaded 9mm Smith and Wesson magazine in a holster; and several baggies with “a crystal-like substance consistent with methamphetamine,” according to the complaint.

The Randolph County Sheriff’s Department will investigate the wreck, the report states.