Timberline Resort closes early

DAVIS — Timberline Four Seasons Resort has closed its doors for the season, and questions are swirling about the resort’s future.

According to Timberline’s Facebook page, the resort will be closed for the rest of 2019.

The Herz family, which owns the resort, posted, “We thank you for your kindnesses. For your support, thank you. Better times lay ahead. Closed for 2019. — Staff.”

It is still unclear with the closing of the resort if season pass holders will be reimbursed for this year. According to the resort’s Facebook page, the season pass holders will be offered free season passes for next year.

“From what I see on Facebook, season passes for this year may be extended to next year for free, but most of us believe there will be no next year,” an employee of Timberline told The Inter-Mountain Thursday. The employee also expressed concerns about staff receiving their final paychecks.

No one answered the resort’s phones when calls were placed throughout the day Thursday.

The rough season for the resort began late last year.

The West Virginia Public Service Commission presented evidence against Timberline Four Seasons Utilities in an all-day hearing Dec. 13 at Canaan Valley Resort and Conference Center.

After receiving numerous and increasing complaints that included customers being required to boil water before using it; not having a licensed operator working for the utility; inconsistent billing of customers and affiliates; the utility’s phone being disconnected; payroll checks to staff being declined for insufficient funds; failure to collect the ordered repayment for improper affiliate transfers of cash; failure to satisfy multiple years of federal and state tax liabilities; and the utility not paying its bills, including to Canaan Valley Public Service District for sewage treatment, the Public Service Commission took significant steps to attempt to restore Timberline Four Season Utilities to a safe, adequate and reliable service.

The PSC has since filed to have a circuit judge look at placing Timberline Four Season Utilities in a receivership.

Just a day before the December hearing, the co-owner of Timberline Four Seasons Resort, Frederick Herz, was arrested after allegedly failing to pay taxes and was charged with 12 misdemeanor counts of failure to pay hotel/motel taxes.