Beverly Water Board OKs payment

BEVERLY — Following a recent request made by the Randolph County Development Authority to the town of Beverly, payment has been approved by Beverly’s Water Board.

The Beverly Town Council recently heard a formal presentation about a request for monetary reimbursement from the Randolph County Development Authority.

Robbie Morris, executive director of the RCDA, offered a presentation to council in an effort to explain the RCDA’s request for reimbursement in the amount of $18,850.

Mark Scott, president of the Randolph County Commission, explained during the water board’s regular meeting Thursday that additional “add-on” projects could be completed at Armstrong if they were to approve the monetary payment.

“As you all know, they’re a long way (into) the project now, and the steel is going to be delivered soon — if it hasn’t been already — and they’re going to start doing steel erection,” Scott explained. “It has gotten to the point, now, where if the bill is not paid, then they aren’t going to be able to make a few extra things (happen) that they could’ve and that would make it better. If you feel like you could, that would go a long way in allowing them to do the add-ons that they can’t otherwise do.

“Armstrong is waiting on the (Randolph County) Development Authority to say there is a payment forthcoming before they can do any additional improvements,” he continued. “There are a few extra things that they would like to do and would be helpful for them.”

Beverly’s water board voted to approve the request in a lump-sum payment. Funding for this payment will come from unencumbered certificate of deposit of the water board.

The reimbursement request involves water system improvements done in connection with an expansion project at Armstrong Flooring. The 85,000-square-foot addition to the Armstrong Flooring facility in Beverly increased the size and capabilities of what was already the largest pre-finished hardwood flooring plant in North America, officials said.

The reimbursement has been requested by the RCDA rather than Armstrong due to the fact that the RCDA is acting as the fiscal agent for the project.

Members of the town’s water board include Kenny Weese and David Simmons. Both voted to approve the request for payment.