Altercation erupts at Beverly council meeting

BEVERLY — Tensions ran high during a Beverly Town Council meeting Wednesday as a physical altercation occurred between two individuals.

West Virginia State Police Cpl. J.R. Wince, investigating officer, said criminal charges are pending against Dave Karelis, of Beverly, following Wednesday’s meeting.

According to witnesses, Karelis reacted to statements made by an individual attending the meeting before the altercation occurred.

It is unclear what topic sparked the alleged violent altercation.

The extent of the injuries to the alleged victim were not immediately disclosed. However, an anonymous individual described the altercation as physical, saying Karelis “grabbed (the individual) by the throat and put him on the floor.”

The special council meeting was adjourned early following the incident.

Karelis is the husband of Beverly Mayor Cindy Karelis, whose term ends June 30.