Elkins offers downtown delights

Christmas starlight has never been brighter in downtown Elkins thanks to the Volunteer Fire Department. After City Council announced there was no funding to repair or replace the old lights, the firemen volunteered their time to make the lights work for one more year. Elkins Firemen have been my local heroes ever since our family home burned at Easter in 1955, but this display of Christmas spirit amazes me.

It is hard to believe that a town the size of Elkins can attract the numbers of pajama clad people who travel here year after year to ride the Polar Express.

Old Brick Playhouse is a place where caring people make the magic of Christmas come alive annually.

What most adults don’t see is the after-school attention given in the Apprentice program and local shows like The Lion King performed for Randolph County School children.

A new seasonal delight this year is the Honey and Mead Tasting at Seneca Mall starting at 6:30 on Monday, sponsored by the Highland Apiculture Association.

This group offers beekeeping classes throughout the year both at Seneca Mall and the Kump Education Center. Monday we will have a chance to taste West Virginia honey and the ancient honey wine called “mead.” Beehives and protective gear are available at S&T Bees on Davis Avenue.

Downtown Elkins has a great variety to offer those who try to make their own magical gifts. Elkins Sewing Center has everything imaginable for making cloth gifts like dolls, mittens, quilts, table clothes, and wall hangings.

Ceramics with Class has molds for making angels, Santas, and Christmas trees. Trickett Hardware is the place to find what is needed to build homemade wooden toys and furniture. This year special knives are available as gifts this year at Tricketts.

If you don’t have time to make your own gifts, you will find a wide price range of beautifully made items at Artist at Work.

Savage Style: Rusted & Dusted is the store for sentimental Christmas shoppers who love toys and ornaments from yesteryear.

It’s fun to find a cookie cutter or cake plate like the ones grandmother used to use at her house. There are also those retro decorations and toys that remind you of items you once told Santa you wanted to find under the tree. Fancy Paws could be the best place to shop if a new kitten or puppy is your idea of the warmest possible way to bring home the magic of Christmas. It’s also a great place to get gifts for pets.

Everywhere you go, you will see familiar faces and people who know we have something special to offer right here in our hometown.