Changes enhance paper

By now, you’ve likely noticed a few differences in today’s edition of The Inter-Mountain.

In an effort to enhance reader experience and enjoyment, we have made a few cosmetic changes to our venerable publication.

While the alterations are not wholesale, they go a long way in updating our look and making the newspaper more user-friendly.

First off, we changed our teaser boxes on the front page to include more photographs and information. This will allow readers to get a better idea of the major news of the day that is spread throughout the pages of The Inter-Mountain.

We also kicked off more concise news brief packages, which will allow for the inclusion of even more local and national news.

Perhaps the biggest change can be seen on the weather page. We expanded our offerings to include an enhanced five-day forecast, a better glance at state temperatures and a weather map highlighting temperatures throughout the Mountain State.

Even though these changes are not on a large scale, they do help to show our commitment here at The Inter-Mountain to providing a better, more graphically driven product that will both inform and entertain our readers.

These differences, though, are just the tip of the iceberg.

In the coming weeks, we will be expanding our local news and opinion offerings, adding additional feature content and several staff-written columns.

We also will begin offering a monthly point-counterpoint opinion page in Saturday’s edition. This feature will examine an issue from both sides, and offer readers pertinent facts and information.

In addition, we will be kicking off several weeklong series in the coming months. The first of those investigative pieces will deal with the rising methamphetamine use in central West Virginia.

All in all, our primary goal is to offer our readers something they can not find elsewhere – good, reliable and well-written local news, feature and sports stories.

Of course, we can not do this alone. I encourage the public to get involved in their community newspaper.

We always welcome letters to the editor, news and feature submissions and all types of photographs.

We strive to attend as many community events as possible, but with the wealth of happenings in central West Virginia, we always can use a hand.

Readers are welcome to submit story ideas, news items and photographs directly to me via email at We will do our very best to get all submitted items into the pages of The Inter-Mountain as quickly as possible.

Please enjoy our new look.

– Executive Editor Matthew Burdette can be reached at 304-636-2121, ext. 120.