GOP still offering Obama a hand

You have to hand it to them, but the Republicans cannot seem to do enough for President Barack Obama.

Just when it appears that he has placed himself in a tight political corner, John Boehner and his crew come to his rescue. The threatened government shut down helps to unite Democrats behind Obama and makes other surmise as to the sanity of House Republicans.

Once more for the umpteenth time they vote to repeal Obamacare, and for equally the same action as rejected in the Senate. Then they go to the threat to shut down the government, helping to short-circuit a rally on Wall Street. Never has there been, with the sole exception of that period before the Civil War, a faction so obsessed with sowing discord and advancing partisanship.

When many of your ads touting the Affordable Care Act are sponsored by hospital associations, the Republicans still stick to the fiction that it is socialist. Much of what the law is meant to do is alleviate the burden of smaller hospitals in rural areas. Too many people are given essentially free care because they lack insurance or cannot pay. The hospitals have to absorb the cost and this often places them on the edge of insolvency. If you please it is a form of a bailout, but necessary if you assume that the sick must be treated.

But the fiery disassemblers like Eric Cantor insist otherwise. Their ideological fury is so great that they contribute to a growing suspicion that government cannot work. One wonders if this is not their Pickett’s charge against the realities of the 21st century.

Whatever it is it has gotten old, a rule or reason strategy that threatens the very peace of the Republic. Because Boehner prefers his barely recognizable speakership he gives in to the fire-eaters within his ranks. At least give Ted Cruz credit; he sallies forth with open-visor, while Boehner hides behind some formula devised by Dennis Hastert. Suddenly a big reward is given to insurrectionism and this is fraught with danger.

A small and willful minority can hold up responsible legislation, while declaiming on absurdities. As well they can attempt to try to delay legislation that has already been past. But the House GOP keeps coming, even if other Republicans roll their eyes and ponder the future of their party.

Meanwhile Obama is given time away from the Syria affair. He knew the trip wire of the House would rescue him from his pledge to bomb Bashir al Assad’s military. He out-thought them and they predictably came through. One believes that Boehner allowed his charges to vote once more on Obamacare as a means of throwing his own hot potato to the Senate. Maybe parliamentary tricks and clever devices are the only, safe for golf, things Boehner and Obama have in common. Neither one are strong in the leadership department.

But for Republicans, their lack of any real plan but obstruction continues to hinder their case. Obama could borrow from Ronald Reagan’s famous retort to Jimmy Carter while settling accounts with Boehner: “There he goes again.”