The coming field day for fraud

“Is this Mrs. John Doe? I’m Benjamin Franklin from the Service Center for Advice on Major Medical Issues of the National Government. We’ve been asked to contact people like you who have questions about Obamacare, otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act.”

“Oh, thank heaven you’ve called, Mr. Franklin. I have no idea how the new law will affect me. Can you explain it?”

“Why, certainly, Mrs. Doe. I’ll just need a little information to be certain you qualify for federal health insurance assistance.

“Just give me your birth date, Social Security number, and bank account information, if you will…”

Don’t be surprised if you get a phone call like that during the next year or so.

In all likelihood, millions of such calls will be placed -by crooks trying to scam you out of your money.

Only in their wildest dreams have most scammers imagined anything like Obamacare. It’ll be a gold mine for some.

Think about it: The government admits tens of millions of Americans are going to need professional help understanding how Obamacare affects them and knowing how to sign up for the law’s various programs.

Thoughtful folks are worried that some of the people hired by the government as “navigators” will use their positions to get information for identity theft schemes.

Some of the organizations given grants to provide navigator services don’t even conduct background checks of people they hire.

But many scam artists will simply pick up the same telephones they use to commit their crimes now.

Obamacare will make it so much easier – because virtually everyone is a potential “mark.” The law affects every American in some way. Many – no, make that the vast majority – don’t really know what the new rules mean to them.

Many know the government plans to hire an enormous number of navigators to help educate the public.

Easy pickings.

Here’s the deal: You may be taking a big chance giving personal information to someone you know beyond any doubt is a government navigator.

But don’t even think of giving it to someone who calls on the phone.

And when someone does, call the cops.