Democrats destroying their party

President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats have done what Republicans only dream about. They’ve beaten the Democratic Party’s “brand” to a pulp.

Everywhere we look, there’s trouble and Democrats in the bushes.

The national debt staggers the imagination. Thank you, Democrats. The economy is on life-support. Thank you, Democrats. The administration’s foreign policy is schizophrenic. Thank you, Democrats.

And then we have the scandals. Diplomats murdered in Benghazi. The Internal Revenue Service politicized. The National Security Agency spying on everybody. The press muzzled by threats from the Justice Department. Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you, Democrats.

The most recent Democratic offense is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It threatens the health and well-being of all Americans, including Democrats.

Come and relish the irony. Many who rushed to sign up for Obamacare and got caught in the mess are Democratic voters who supported the program and the president. Little wonder, then, that Democratic officeholders are now back-peddling and scrambling to defend the indefensible. Their hides are on the line.

But hold on. Up ahead is Hillary Clinton and 2016. Obama has told us that she does “extraordinary” things, so maybe she can move into the White House and restore confidence in the Democratic Party.

Camille Paglia, a Democrat and intellectual who calls ’em like she sees ’em, has her doubts.

“It remains baffling how anyone would think that Hillary Clinton is our party’s best chance. She has more sooty baggage than a 90-car freight train.

“And what exactly has she ever accomplished – beyond bullishly covering for her philandering husband? She’s certainly busy, busy and ever on the move – with the tunnel-vision workaholism of someone trying to blot out uncomfortable private thoughts.

“I for one think it was a very big deal that our ambassador was murdered in Benghazi. In saying ‘I take responsibility’ for it as secretary of state, Hillary should have resigned immediately.”

Jeffrey T. Brown, an attorney and political observer writing for the American Thinker, stirs the pot.

“For as long as Hillary Clinton has been on the national scene, she has left a path of destruction and wreckage in her wake that is both impressive and terrible to behold. She is a testament to the extent of damage that can be done by one person determined to conquer everything before her in the quest for unlimited power and self-gratification.”

So why would Democrats push Hillary for president? Because she and her supporters (including philandering husband) have painted the party into a corner, that’s why.

Just for chuckles, let’s say Democrats turn their back on Hillary and run with somebody else – maybe Vice President Joe “Opps” Biden, or maybe Rahm Emanuel, a political heavyweight and mayor of the Murder Capital of the Nation. Hizzoner isn’t particularly well-liked in Chicago, so he could be looking for work in 2016.

Fast-forward to Nov. 1, 2016. It’s Somebody-Other-Than-Hillary versus a GOP nominee who presumably can walk while chewing gum. The outcome: The Republican wins.

Why? Simple. Many liberals stayed home. They believed with all their hearts that 2016 would be the year of the woman (Hillary), and when they were snubbed by the party, they snubbed back.

Putting Hillary at the top of the ticket wouldn’t be much better, either.

Fast-forward to Nov. 1, 2016. Hillary and her supporters (including philandering husband) are abubble with confidence, and the mainstream media tell us she’s a shoo-in for the presidency. But she loses.

Why? Simple. Many liberals, especially liberal men, stayed home. They knew Hillary is profoundly unqualified, ethically challenged, and stunningly abrasive, and they just couldn’t hold their noses long enough or tight enough to vote for her.

So Hillary Clinton is not the future of the Democratic Party, and the only way the party will survive 2014 and 2016 is if establishment Republicans continue savaging their conservative brethren and jumping every time a liberal shouts “Boo!”