Kump Center offers mentoring

The West Virginia Department of Education has approved the Kump Education Center’s proposal to offer mentoring for public school teachers in the Highland counties of West Virginia.

The center will serve as an independent, nonprofit agency providing external support to county public school systems.

The Kump Center offers school districts a menu of services including mentoring for new teachers, teachers seeking alternative certification and veteran teachers working to improve their skills. The center will serve as a catalyst for change helping school faculties envision higher expectations and address goals set forth in West Virginia House Bill 4236: Comprehensive System of Support for Improving Professional Practice.

Public school faculties will develop a school-wide system of support and supervision in collaboration with Kump Center. These system will encourage and demonstrate research-based and data-driven instructional practices as well as classroom management procedures to build a school culture for academic excellence.

Retired master teachers will be trained as mentors and academic coaches to offer support and supervision for new and emerging teachers, as well as those seeking alternative certification. These mentors will review videos with mentee teachers as a means of formative assessment to guide professional reflection and redirection strategies.

County administrators and Kump Center representatives will analyze data on teacher performance and retention. They will schedule collaborative meetings for professional personnel to accomplish county goals set forth in individual county plans for support and supervision of new teachers.

At year’s end, the Kump Center will review performance data with administrators to evaluate the implementation, effectiveness and outcomes of the mentoring support programs.

The Kump Center also will collaborate with local colleges to provide mentor training for cooperating teachers working with student teachers for higher quality clinical practice during teacher preparation.