Teachers impact student learning

How do teachers know students are learning? That is the central question that future teachers were exploring at the Fourth Annual Kump Center Education Research Seminar at Davis & Elkins College April 30. Twenty-four future teachers from Alderson-Broaddus University, Davis & Elkins College, and West Virginia Wesleyan College presented research projects.

Teacher Work Samples included accounts of lesson plans and charts comparing pretest vs. posttest results on everything from biology to basketball. Action Research projects involved studies of methods for helping students with brain tumors, behavior disorders, and delayed progress in reading. Tutorial Case Studies recorded progress of struggling readers who worked closely with college tutors to learn sight words, phonics skills, or close reading techniques.

Jasmyne Cummings from West Virginia Wesleyan College won the award for Best Trifold Poster for her graphic display of a fifth grade unit on the “Civil War.” Samantha Bailey from Alderson-Broaddus University had the Best Technology Presentation for her “7th Grade Math Unit.” Seth Thompson from Davis & Elkins College won the Best Action Research Award for his “Case Study Using Close Reading” with a fifth-grade student. Finally, Megan Richmond from West Virginia Wesleyan College had the Best Teacher Work Sample titled “Composing & Performing.”

Colleen Black, Kara Chenoweth, Shalayna Lowther, Casey Pattyn, Melissa Rees, Brooke Robinson, Robin Samuels and Emily Sundstrom also presented their teacher work samples with direction from Dr. Bush from West Virginia Wesleyan College.

Autumn Appleby, Ellen Cantaral, Elizabeth Chaar, Ashley Dove and Kayla Petrella from Davis & Elkins College presented tutorial case studies in reading taught by Ms. Talbott.

Alyson Carpenter, Michael Creed, John Grady, Jessica Henson, Katie Klages, Kammy Peacock, Emily Sarver and Ashley Willingham presented their research using technology. Ms. Gault and Dr. Sarver sponsored these Alderson-Broaddus University teacher education students.

These future teachers will help build a brighter future for West Virginia public schools.