Be determined to be content

There seems to be a new illness going around, but it truly has been around since the creation of Adam and Eve. The illness or disorder, though may not be in the new DSM book of disorders and mental illnesses it is “wantitis.”

Wantitis is the desire to have and have and have some more. None of us are immune from it, and no hand sanitizer or disinfectant spray can protect us. It seems the only way to be “safe” from the disorder is to determine to “be


I think because of the losses my husband and I have had and the twists and turns of life, we have been on a mission for the past years to simplify. In this quest, we determined to “lighten” our load. When we married, we both brought with us almost half a century of life and the “stuff” accumulated during these decades.

As we looked around, and both declared, “this is crazy,” we gained the urge to purge. One moving truck full of antiques or just “old stuff” drove off and we felt a bit better. Jamie and his late wife enjoyed, and rightfully so, estate sales and auctions. It was a great hobby for them and much enjoyment came, but at the end of her life and the beginning of ours, the stuff needed to go. Several months ago, God connected us with a gospel mission and we both agreed, “let’s get rid of more of this stuff so our kids won’t have to sort through this someday.” Two more truckloads disappeared and we both agreed, we don’t miss a thing. Our lives are more simple and it is truly a “fresh start” for both of us. After 30 years of child rearing, we now will have an empty nest this fall, and we want nothing except we both thirst for Jesus like never before and we enjoy children, grandchildren and people. Stuff, things and “whatnot” do not matter.

A man by the name of Stanley Jones tells of a poor man and his wife who had an overnight guest. They showed him to his room in the hayloft and admonished him, “If there’s anything at all you want, just let us know, and we’ll come and show you how to get along without it.”

Billy Graham said, “We don’t need to learn how to get more, but how to get on with the business of living.” He also stated, “There are two ways of being rich: Have a lot or want very


The very Son of God did not have a place to lay his head. He said, “Foxes have holes, birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head.”

As my husband and I have gone through the “stuff” of our young loved ones who have passed away -his dear wife and my young daughter – the realization of what really matters has never been more apparent: God and people. My friends, let’s get back to the business of living.

Philippians 4:11: “Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.”

– Kimberly Morgan is a wife, mom, and Grief Counselor. Contact her:, or twitter: @kimmorgan63