Tailgating takes on a new meaning

Football fans who party hearty in the parking lots at WVU games use their tailgates as tables the food and drink, but the verb “tailgating” means something very different in the gravel business. We saw how gravel tailgating works by watching the delivery of Alcon gravel given for the new Kump Center driveway off Seneca Road.

Thanks to J.F. Allen, we received high-quality aggregate on a new 20-ton truck with an experienced driver who understood the art of tailgating. He knew just how to let the gravel slide off the back of the truck under the loose tailgate, spreading even layers of gravel along our parking lot and driveway almost as smoothly as a spatula spreads icing on a cake.

General manager Steve Sherrard from Alcon recommended we have the muddy surface of the drive and parking lot rolled with a heavy highway roller to compact the foundation. Although we had lots of rain on Tuesday, the drive was dry enough to roll by 8 a.m. on Wednesday. Next, City Excavators Don Hedrick and Clyde Ogden rolled out the road fabric along the driveway while I called Alcon for the first load of No. 3 gravel.

Before lunch, we had two truckloads of the big white No. 3 gravel covering the whole surface of the drive and parking lot and four loads of dark wet crusher run sprinkled across the top. City excavators worked a few hours to be sure the crusher run was spread into the areas where tailgating could not reach. Ogden used his own brush hog to cut brush in the high pasture while we waited for the roller. After the Smith Backhoe driver rolled back over the surface of the gravel, we had a new driveway with a smoothly compacted gravel surface.

We very much appreciate the generosity of J.F. Allen and the excellent skills of all the people who worked on building our new driveway at Kump Center.