Helping Hands for the city of Elkins

Kump Center benefited from the work of 16 young volunteers from the Church of the Latter-Day Saints attending a conference at Davis & Elkins College last week. They planted 75 pounds of grass seed and spread eight bales of straw as mulch over the land that had been disturbed during construction of the new driveway.

Last month the city of Elkins was asked to identify projects on city properties where volunteer labor could be helpful. The literature sent in advance suggested that these “helping hands” might paint picnic tables or repair chain-link fences, among other possible work projects.

Kump Center planners were delighted that the volunteers came to town at the very time when seeding needed to be done at the driveway construction site. The timing was almost perfect. After the major excavation and gravel surface were completed, it was time to slow the erosion process by planting grass.

The only problem was that it rained that Thursday for several hours before the volunteers arrived. The area where they needed to spread seed and mulch was very muddy, and their brightly colored running shoes and sandals were covered with mud soon after they started spreading grass seed.

The young volunteers were good-natured about the mud problems and worked diligently for two hours. Kump Center leaders had to run over to Southern States to be sure they had enough seed and straw for the busy helping hands to spread.

The sediment fence, grass seed, and mulch should limit the amount of erosion that takes place near the new driveway. Nevertheless, the drainage plan for the driveway project is not entirely complete. The Kump property has been flooded by water from a faulty highway drainage receptacle on Seneca Road above the new parking area, and action must be taken to correct this problem and other drainage issues before cold weather.