Newspapers still making a difference

After more than two decades in the field of journalism, newspapers continue to excite me.

It’s because they are exciting. Newspapers have evolved with the times, and many, like The Inter-Mountain with our All-Access platform, provide digital as well as print formats.

Newspapers are living history books that catalog life in our communities in real time. They matter. They also continue to make a significant difference in the areas they serve.

This weekend, The Inter-Mountain will be among many of the state’s newspapers that will receive recognition at the West Virginia Press Association’s annual convention. Among the honors we will receive are two awards for service to the community.

Of all the awards we could win, it is these of which I am most proud. It means we have positively influenced life in our community. For years I?have titled my column “Making a Difference” because I believe in the power newspapers have to effect change for the greater good. It’s one of my favorite aspects of what we do, and the notes of thanks we receive from members of the community humble me.

It’s rare in this day and age that one can say work is enjoyable, but that’s how I?feel about being publisher and general manager of The Inter-Mountain. I look forward to each day at the office and consider my job to be a vocation and a blessing.

The Inter-Mountain serves an eight-county region of North Central West Virginia with our print publication. Daily, we reach thousands of homes. Last year, we exceeded 7 million total views online.

The combined reach of our print and Web readership has soared to an all-time high. So, too, has the paper’s impact. We remain relevant, relatable and reliable.

We thank our readers for continuing to join us on this journey that spans more than 100 consecutive years of publication history.

Heather Goodwin Henline is publisher and general manager of The Inter-Mountain. She may be reached via email at